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Saddle River Footbridge in Ridgewood In Need of A Major Overhaul


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, on Tuesday, the East Saddle River footbridge at the bottom Kingsbridge Lane was closed with caution tape and horses. One Wednesday , additional plywood blockades were installed by the Ridgewood maintenance crew, as they unsecured a portion of broken fencing. A Village source told the Ridgewood blog ,”the bridge is shot” .

The footbridge in stalled in the 1970’s (?) a one time a very good fishing spot is actively used by residents on both sides of East Saddle River Road . Mayor Knudsen is actively advocating footbridge repair. Village Hall engineers inspected and assessed the footbridge on Thursday and assured neighbors that paperwork has been started to fix the bridge. 
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3 thoughts on “Saddle River Footbridge in Ridgewood In Need of A Major Overhaul

  1. My family lives in that area and that bridge was destroyed back in 1999 from the storm Floyd. We believe that the village had a few contractors there in the past 20 years doing repairs. That bridge should’ve been replaced from the funds that the village received from FEMA ,Storm Floyd Destroyed that whole area.

  2. Let’s not wait until it becomes more dangerous and unusable. Fix it up before winter.

  3. Why would somebody put thumbs down on this , This is about safety.

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