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Schedler Ad Hoc Committee: Back to Building Ball Fields

Schedler Park ball field

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December 21,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, in the Schedler Ad Hoc Committee Presentation to Village Council , it appears nothing has changed and the committee seemed to disregard all efforts of by local historians ,neighbors and friends of Schedler .

The committees presentation to the Village Council was basically reduced to a full on push for more ball fields at Schedler and nothing else matters .

The report suggest the Schedler was nothing more than a use of open spaces funding as a land grab for sports fields .

Like parking the need for ball fields in town has been questioned and the complete lack of transparency of field use has lead to little taxpayer support .

6 thoughts on “Schedler Ad Hoc Committee: Back to Building Ball Fields

  1. I support building the fields but man would I be annoyed if I had supported the current counsel members who ran on preserving Schedler. This is basically exactly what the prior counsel supported building and which they got a ton of money from RSBA to build. Will this be built with RSBA $ or will we now be spending tax payer $ to build what we could have built for “free”?

  2. 10:13 am – RBSA gave 100K. The costs are in Millions. Are you one of those who define taxpayer money as “free”. I think we know who you are then.

  3. RBSA PROMISED $100K. Sonenfeld held that check for a long time and I believe was told to give it back. Very tired of hearing how everything is free when a donation or grant would pay for some fraction of it and not begin to touch endless upkeep. NO BALLFIELD.

  4. The first and foremost issue MUST be pollution. After that comes funding, layout, etc. But spending money on any other aspect of this development before an expert checks the pollution levels would be very foolish. Get someone from the FDA or a true pollution expert–not just someone who thinks he is capable and would be glad to bail out a friend. Villagers from other sides of town have no idea what pollution (and noise) really is. Please get it tested. Then, IF the plot is not considered hazardous to health (all the kids are going to wear masks?) parents should come over and test how far they can hear another voice. Unless you’ve been exposed to both factors, you can just not estimate what it “could”be like. You have to know what is really like before investing anymore money in this project.

  5. The rest of the village can’t afford to keep hiring experts until we find one that just happens to say something you like. If you’re part of the special interest group, hire away, but don’t expect anyone to put all their faith in a liar for hire. Bear in mind that there is EXACTLY the same park — the park up the road even has a baseball diamond — a mile up the road. I don’t recall an asthma, cancer, deafness, 56 car pile up cluster near Hollywood Ave in HHK. Move on people. It’s called meeting in the middle. Most grown-ups do it every day.

  6. 9:00 Hollywood Avenue does have a baseball field near Rt.17. They have it inset from the highway and don’t have home plate only a few feet in from the highway. They also have substantially sized trees to protect it and screen some of the pollution. And it was also built a long time ago when people did not know so much about pollution. (The crushed tire fields have evidence piling up to show they are not healthy either.) Unfortunately, Schedler is a narrow piece of property and building a field right on the RT 17 part of the acreage as has been shown is certainly not the best position to take.

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