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Schedler Friends Issue a Call to Action

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Schedler Friends issue a call to action on the introduction of a bond ordinance for work at the Schedler property and the resubmitted  SHPO application.

The Village of Ridgewood submitted a revised application to the State Historic Preservation Office regarding this project.  The revision includes an independent assessment conducted by Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc. relative to fturf field use in the Village, which addresses comments made by the Historic Preservation Office in a letter dated March 22, 2024.

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1) This Wednesday, May 22, @ 7:30 pm, The Village of Ridgewood is holding a special meeting at Village Hall for the introduction of a bond ordinance for additional work and site preparation to be done on the Schedler Property. No information was provided to the public by the Village of Ridgewood. Residents were only made aware of this via the Bergen Record May 17 article. Please attend and come with questions – it’s your taxpayer dollars.
2) See below – As instructed by the State Historic Preservation Office, the Village of Ridgewood revised and resubmitted their SHPO application on May 14.
Please join us in sending a comment to the State Historic Preservation Office and ask them to protect this historical property and reject the application!
  1. Send the following email to the State of New Jersey. Each section can be cut and pasted for your quick and easy convenience. One email per family memberis allowed.
  2. Please spread the word to neighbors, family and friends throughout the country to save this National Historic Site.
Thank you for your support. Together, we can continue to make a meaningful impact.
Schedler Friends
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20 thoughts on “Schedler Friends Issue a Call to Action

  1. There is room to expand field use within the present school properties. Start with a soccer field at Ridge School. There is plenty of room for it.

    1. There is no room at Ridge…stop beating that drum.

      1. There is plenty of room, and lots of parking.

      2. There is WAY more room there than at little Schedler. Please, serious comments only!

        1. Very true….funny how the RBSA heathens never mention needing a 60×90 field anymore.

          The new field will be 46×60 or 50×70.

          It’s Peewee’s world, we’re just living in it.

  2. Why don’t they use the school fields?

  3. It is not a National Historic Site.

  4. I was over there this morning. It is so lovely trees, birds chirping, a chipmunk running by. What the HELL is this council thinking? Put in a walking path and let it be

    1. 100%

    2. It was purchased OVER 10 YEARS AGO to be developed for “active recreational” purposes. The stonewalling is costing the town a fortune — great work!

    3. Build a baseball field or build condos. We don’t need a tiny park between route 17 and its exit ramp.

  5. Yes, so many of us agree put a walking path in, plant even more trees make it a nature park. A bird sanctuary look at the park they have in Glenrock next to the pool. That place is beautiful nature preserve learning center be creative who the hell wants to bring their kid next to Route 17 and play a sport, do you know how many accidents are over there? Debris, coming off trucks, noise, pollution, How about utilizing other towns? Why should the village always invest in sports groups? It’s amazing how much power clout the sports groups have. It’s been like that for a long time to village. Always bows down to them.. The perfect location is the old Valley Hospital site, that would make a perfect stadium, and it’s just amount of time. I’m just remember people they’re borrowing a lot of money for all this shit who’s going to make it, you don’t have a big department that can handle that are they gonna hire more employees, and who is going to pay for all this one down the road these things need to be replaced , like the turf cost so much money. Just keep raising taxes this moment in time they should stop spending money on fields immediately and just say we don’t have the money for it unless you have big donations like we used to get from Valley Hospital. We need to put aside millions on top of millions for village owned buildings Because we have buildings that need repair .

    1. Jeezus….indent every once in a while….

    2. There is WAY more room there than at little Schedler. Please, serious comments only!

    3. I am a taxpayer too. Create a beautiful baseball field.

      1. To “I am a taxpayer too”
        Why not pour yourself another glass of PFAS Paulie’s special lemonade while you crunch the numbers on how many fields Ridgewood already has, a well known fact to many. Also there is a gorgeous multi purpose field that no one uses right down the road on 17 South It is huge in fact. Never used after school hours or weekends, so right there, it’s a win and it is ready now, so you don’t even need to wait.

  6. Shut this plan down.

  7. Waste of money.

  8. There is WAY more room there than at little Schedler. Please, serious comments only!

    1. You are repeating yourself

      Time to move on. Let’s get the field ready for 2025

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