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Schepisi: Casino Revenue Should be Used to ‘Right the Ship’

Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi

Oftentimes we miss opportunities in Trenton. Today New Jersey faces several major economic issues including pension funding and our transportation trust fund which is running out of money. Our only options to make the State fiscally sound are to 1. Increase revenues, 2. Cut spending and/or 3. Raise taxes. We are currently the highest taxed state in the nation and raising taxes is not a smart option. We have the potential to bring in additional revenue through expansion of casino gaming but as currently drafted NONE of that money will be able to be used to stabilize our pension system or to pay for our crumbling infrastructure costs. Instead, the legislature has handcuffed itself and is ensuring that taxes will rise again in the future. What are we doing? Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi

According to Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi, SCR1, a constitutional amendment that would allow casino expansion outside of Atlantic City must be reshaped in order for additional casinos to be a worthwhile addition to New Jersey. Alyana Alfaro, PolitickerNJ Read more

2 thoughts on “Schepisi: Casino Revenue Should be Used to ‘Right the Ship’

  1. No attempt to reduce spending. Let’s impose yet another regressive tax (and this is a tax) and use it to shuffle money around between special interest groups.

  2. Just like the casino’s in AC, you people must be smoking some good stuff. It is not a savior, like 11:53 am said it is a tax.

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