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School district sees virtual day as a success


School district sees virtual day as a success

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 25, 2014, 7:51 AM

Pascack Valley seeks state approval

The New Jersey Department of Education may not yet have officially granted the Pascack Valley Regional High School District credit for its “virtual school day” a week and a half ago – as it is still analyzing data from the day – but the district’s administration and students appear to already be viewing the day as a success.

Teachers and students from both the district’s high schools – Pascack Valley High School and Pascack Hills High School – worked from home one snow day about a week and a half ago instead of taking a day off.

The district already had exhausted its snow days, and allowing the students to work from home could be a future solution to having students make up the day later in the year.

However, while the state gave the district permission to go ahead with the “virtual school day” two days before a snowstorm closed schools, a ruling has yet to be made on whether the virtual day will count as one of the 180 mandatory school days.

Superintendent Erik Gundersen said in his report at a Board of Education meeting Monday night that the state’s Department of Education has yet to get back to the district about whether the day will count officially.

But Gundersen said he is optimistic.

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