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Seeking Residents to Volunteer for Ridgewood Boards and Committees

Seeking Residents to Volunteer for Ridgewood Boards and Committees


The Village Council is looking for residents who are interested in volunteering to serve on the Community Center Advisory Board, the Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Adjustment, the Financial Advisory Committee, the Ridgewood Arts Council, and The Shade Tree Commission.

The Community Center Advisory Board develops policies and procedures for the operation of the Community Center facility and assists in the fulfillment of the County Municipal Alliance Grant requirements. Membership includes: Senior Citizen residents; adult residents with children in the school system; and adult residents with no children in the school system.

The Planning Board reviews site plans and subdivision applications; prepares, adopts, and amends the Master Plan; makes recommendations to the Village Council regarding amendments to developmental regulations and the official map.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment hears variance applications and appeals from rulings and determinations arising from the enforcement of Village zoning ordinances.

The Financial Advisory Committee assists in the review and understanding of the financial considerations necessary to the operation of the Village and the Village’s preparation of the Annual and Capital Budgets; provides review, advice and recommendations to the Village Council on Village financial and budgetary matters; and prepares an annual report for the Village Council to assist the Councilmembers in their budget preparation. Members will preferably have strong finance, accounting, government and/or business backgrounds.

The Ridgewood Arts Council will assist in the promotion of and encourage artistic and cultural programs and will provide for educational opportunities in the areas of art and culture. The Ridgewood Arts Council will also provide advice, guidance, and recommendations to the Village Council, as needed.

The Shade Tree Commission works closely with the Parks and Recreation Department, the Ridgewood Environmental Advisory Committee, and the Green Team to promote awareness and education of the residents as well as advise and provide recommendations to the Village Council in promoting and sustaining a safe and productive shade tree resource. Members will preferably have forestry or tree backgrounds or hold the designation of a certified Arborist.

All interested residents should fill out a Citizen Volunteer Leadership form (found on the Village website), and send it along with a cover letter indicating on which board(s) the resident wishes to serve, and a biography or resume to:

Heather Mailander, Village Clerk
Village of Ridgewood
131 North Maple Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ 07451

Deadline for submissions is May 16, 2014

3 thoughts on “Seeking Residents to Volunteer for Ridgewood Boards and Committees

  1. There is only one requirement. You need to know one of the bobble heads and support their agenda. Others need not apply.

  2. Nice civic spirit #1, maybe you should stop your whining for ounce and actually volunteer for something.

  3. #1 is correct. Simply volunteering does NOT get you appointed. The powers that be (the trio) decide who does and does not make the cut. If you do not support their agenda, you will not get the nod. This has happened repeatedly. #2, don’t call anyone a whiner when the facts are being stated clearly.

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