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Senator Joe Pennacchio called on Governor Murphy to make federal unemployment relief a reality for almost 700,000 out-of-work New Jersey residents

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Trenton NJ, Senator Joe Pennacchio today called on Governor Murphy to help make federal unemployment relief a reality for almost 700,000 out-of-work New Jersey residents.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Saturday that would provide an extra $400 more than basic unemployment benefits, replacing the $600 federal contribution that expired on July 31.

The federal government would pay $300 per week, and individual states would pick up $100, but Murphy has called the plan “unworkable.”

“Like Cuomo in New York and other Democrat governors, Murphy criticized this solution,” said Pennacchio (R-26). “He wants federal money to go to the state so he can spend it at will. That’s the wrong priority when so many New Jersey residents remain out of work through no fault of their own. Once again, he is prioritizing partisanship and politics over the people of our state.”

The President has said states that haven’t used all the federal stimulus money they received from the CARES Act could use that money for the $100 payments. Murphy has been sitting on more than $2 billion in federal funds.

“As the Governor of our state, he should be doing everything in his power to make this happen, not thumbing his nose and politicizing federal assistance,” said Pennacchio.

Murphy has shunned federal help before, Pennacchio noted, including failing to utilize the USS Comfort or the mobile field hospital at the Javits Center in New York City, and turning away the offer for thousands of medical first-responders from the federal government.

“Federal assets were at our disposal at the beginning of this pandemic, but Murphy chose to ignore them,” Pennacchio said. “That stubbornness led to the unnecessary deaths of almost 7,000 residents in long-term care facilities. Decisions have consequences.

“We can’t afford to make another mistake with unemployment,” Pennacchio continued. “The Governor should utilize some of the $2 billion in unspent CARES money, to help our unemployed citizens. One way or the other, almost 700,000 New Jersey families are counting on help.”

12 thoughts on “Senator Joe Pennacchio called on Governor Murphy to make federal unemployment relief a reality for almost 700,000 out-of-work New Jersey residents

  1. Murphy is a true moron that is a thief

  2. What’s going on with the 20 week tier 1 EB???? My benefits expired 4 weeks ago after the 13 week extension. I have a valid NJ unemployment claim from November, not a pandemic claim! I was told they are backed up and have to wait?!?!

  3. James – a serious question. Not trying to take a shot at Trump, or Murphy, and recognize that many of the country’s workers need help, but based on your experience, where’s the line between these extended unemployment benefits and socialism. If a Dem had proposed this we’d be up in arms about this being Socialism. Would welcome your response.

    1. 2 problems , if the state ie NJ is forcing business to close and destroying businesses( people livelihoods) , the state bears some responsibility , (btw I think the lock down was crazy, and it will cause the collapse of the state ) the 2nd problem is once you subsidies people to not work , you have to unwind the position slowly especially given the work environment is still so uncertain

  4. Bo Rob – Serious Answer

    Unemployment benefits are insurance. Workers pay for it out of their wages.

    Socialism is Government control and/or ownership (depending on your level of oppression) of the means of production.

    Completely different. I agree that the way both sides are playing politics with unemployment benefits is wrong. So is the State’s forcing businesses to close – that’s Socialism by any definition.

  5. Rob re Ui

    Did they boot you off onto the cant file and tell you to call the reemployment Union NJ NEVER ANSWERED EVER TEL NO?

    I exhausted 26 plus Peuc 13 then hit 12 month claim date & they booted me out of weekly claim ability despite the 59 weeks were not expired (52 weeks were expired)

  6. Any furloughs yet for teachers and non essential public sector and public safety employees ?

  7. Yes there is.

  8. Governor Murphy is a complete fuck up. Everyone will starve thats unemployed not to mention his fucked up way to send my autistic kid to school for 4 half days squashing any chance to work and still pay for a special needs child. I depend on that weekly federal money now my kid suffers. Shame on you Murphy. Put aside the democrats and Republicans and be a fucking human being

  9. governor murphy should be ashamed. I depend on the federal money weekly just because he is a Democrat he is depriving my autistic son his services because we can’t afford it and the 4 half days of school leave no chance for any serious employment. Governor Murphy you are a criminal thats responsible for putting aside your politics and be a human being. You won’t be elected and if u are just run NJ into toilet cause you are the worst for the people

  10. Our governer is worth 50million dollars so fuck the little guy who lives hand to mouth

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