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Sewer Line Repair Services Ridgewood NJ

Looking for a sewer plumber company to repair sewer line in Ridgewood? Call A1 sewer line repair or replacement service for any sewer services in NJ. A1 is a local sewer drain and water main contractor companies near you for any small repair, new install or replacementmant.


Sewer Repair in Ridgewood NJ
Services  to our residents in NJ

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  • repairing sewer line
  • shut off curb valve replacement plumbers in NJ
  • leak repair in underground pipe sewer line
  • leaking repair in the underground pipe water main line from the house to the service supply line on the street.
  • main drain repair or replacement.
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2 thoughts on “Sewer Line Repair Services Ridgewood NJ

  1. Thanks for the post. Many homeowners in town are stuck with roots clogging their sewer pipes thanks to the town trees at the curb. The town ‘put the screws’ to the residents a few years ago by making the property owner responsible for the sewer line ALL the way to the main, instead of the property line. My understanding (AND personal experience) is that the connection at the main, which in my case is a ceramic pipe elbow, is where the roots intrude. If i had to repair it, then it would required digging up the street, getting a permit to dig up the street, pay a cop to direct traffic and pay the contractor. The town is the one that should pay since its their street, not mine. Every time they pave and use the vibrator rollers, it creates cracks in these connections and every homeowner could be a ‘victim’ even if you do not have the trees on your side of the street, since roots from across the street find their way to the source of moisture. The town KNOWS about this problem. Many years ago a village employee would knock on the door of EVERY home, and pour a cup of copper sulfate into a toilet and flush it. By doing so, roots would be killed. When the FTARDS at the state DEP claimed our sewer plant emitted a larger than acceptable quantity of copper, the town stopped it. Other solutions in addition to copper sulfate are doing an annual treatment of a foaming herbicide, such as root-x..

  2. I say call the mayor and council.

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