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Shared Chalk in the Middle of a Pandemic?


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, is it just us or does this make no sense .Just eyeballed this in front of the park at Van Neste.  Nice idea but, we are in the middle of a pandemic, and we are encouraging people to stick their hands into a washtub full of shared chalk sticks? You just could not make something like this up.


25 thoughts on “Shared Chalk in the Middle of a Pandemic?

  1. A Jeanne Johnson original idea. What an idiot.

  2. Children do not get Covid. Stop the hysteria.
    Children are going to be damaged more from hysteria than Covid.
    and don’t start yapping about the reports of covid related illness?
    If we need to worry about that remote possibility then you need to stop taking children in cars because many of them could die in an accident.

  3. “Children do not get Covid?” You’re as dumb, if not dumber, than Jeanne Johnson.

  4. Children most certainly DO get Covid, unlike earlier beliefs, they now for sure know that children get it. And what is to say that stupid adults are not picking up that chalk. This is a STUPID UNSANITARY idea. Go Jeanne Johnson, Ridgewood Walks and Ridgewood Spreads the Disease.

  5. Saw an adult using the chalk this morning.

  6. If the “Atlantic” reported that it must be true. Nothing but the unvarnished truth from them
    So I hope your children are locked in their rooms and you are passing meals through a hole in the door.

  7. This is stupid, unnecessary, and a definite Petri dish for germs. Come on Jeanne Johnson, bad idea, terrible idea.

  8. Did I hear it right?
    Five candidates endorsed by Jeanne Johnson and Fishbein lost?

  9. Can’t believe these dumb aronsohn supporters. They are supporting Jeannette Johnson even for this desease spreading plan?

  10. “Children do not get Covid. Stop the hysteria.”

    Children manifest the symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19). By the time they’re tested, the virus has cleared (they test negative), but they’re left with the symptoms.

    Please know what you’re talking about before you post factual inaccuracies. At least TRY to educate yourself!

  11. I should have said there is not a substantial risk to children from Covid.
    The hysteria over a basket of chalk made my brain go “full tilt”

  12. Saw Jeanne Johnson herself using the shared chalk washtub on Saturday afternoon. She was chalking out artwork in front of the clock at Van Neste. Did not see if she used hand sanitizer after she completed her exercise.

  13. I was going to write “I love my white Porsche” on the sidewalk but I didn’t think it would resonate so well.

  14. Ridgewood Walks is a jackass organization run by a jackass

  15. Here’s hoping the new council, despite the Johnsonite who was unfortunately elected, will forbid Ridgewood Walks from using public lands, posting things from the mayor and supt. of schools, and pretending it is an official village organization. It is not. And meanwhile immediately REMOVE those pans of chalk before the village is sued for making someone sick (whether true or not).

  16. I took a walk over there to see this late yesterday. The artwork and messages are for the most part written by adults, certainly not little kids. While this may not be a major breach of sanitary safe procedures, it is definitely a risk. How incredibly stupid. Jeanne Johnson get over yourself. Take your stupid bin of chalk home. Please.

  17. Jeanne Johnson is a certified nut.

  18. A one-month-old baby in NJ now has Covid. What say you now, Mr/Ms Expert on the “fact” that kids don’t get the disease????

  19. I’ll be going there this afternoon and remove it myself…

  20. WHAT THE FUCK? Is Jeanne Johnson unaware of the number of DEATHS that have occurred from Covid??? She is a fucking menace to this town

  21. I walked by there today. It is a MESS. I saw an obscene drawing and some vulgar language. So it is unsafe, adults are clearly handling the chalk, and looks horrible. Jeanne Johnson, get rid of this NOW. Better yet, Jeanne Johnson, come down off your high fucking horse

  22. “leave an inspiring message.” How about that drawing of the penis. Very inspirational.

  23. “I love my white porch” Hahaha that’s a good one

  24. Well thank god that damn pot of germs has been taken away. Pam Perron you picked one hell of a campaign manager

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