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Shoplifter Flees With $250 Worth of Merchandise in Ridgewood


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood Police Patrol units responded to Whole Foods at 44 Godwin Avenue on a report of a shoplifting on July 12th. Upon arrival the manager reported the female shoplifter fled the store without making payment for approximately $250.00 in merchandise. The manager provided a description of the actor and a vehicle description. The manager reported he will respond at a later date to sign a criminal complaint and provide security video evidence.

3 thoughts on “Shoplifter Flees With $250 Worth of Merchandise in Ridgewood

  1. Photo is not the Ridgewood Whole Foods.

  2. I was in Glen Rock CVS last year when I heard a worker get loud. She caught some guy stuffing stuff in his backpack.

    He walked out quietly.

    I drove down Rock Rock towards home and saw the same guy walking into the other pharmacy in Glen Rock. Hence the phrase: the guts of a burglar.

  3. Given the horrific parking lot and traffic situation created by Whole Foods it’s not likely that the alleged perp fled anywhere quickly. The least reported story of the last five years is the quality of life issues created by this holier than thou hangout. Between Whole Foods and Starbucks the village is awash in Subarus and SUVs clogging what used to be major thoroughfares. How progressive!

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