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“Significant discharger” fees may have been billed in error

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“Significant discharger” fees may have been billed in error

ATTENTION:  Owners/operators of Ridgewood businesses at which water meters were upgraded to “radio read meters” may have received bills for “significant discharger” fees in error.

If you received an unusually high water bill due to prior use of “estimated” readings, the Village of Ridgewood’s accounting department may have mistakenly thought you were a “significant discharger” and billed you as such.

If you believe you may have been billed in error, you should contact Ms. Mary Jo Gilmore, Village of Ridgewood Tax Collector, at 201-670-5500 extension 225.

YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE –  The Village seems to be leaving up to business owners themselves to determine if a billing error took place; i.e., no effort is being made by the Village to find out who might have been billed in error.

10 thoughts on ““Significant discharger” fees may have been billed in error

  1. Why can’t ALL estimated water bills to businesses be flagged and reviewed by a person before sending out erroneous significant discharger invoices?

    Seems to me like nothing more than a slick way to increase the Village’s revenues and then blame the recipient for not alerting anyone to a problem.

    Another example of why there needs to be a huge shake out at Village Hall.

  2. Right #1 Why do we have to contact them if they made the mistake? They should check to see where their mistakes are and credit us. Nice going Village Manager your in charge.

  3. This is yet ANOTHER example of how small business owners in Ridgewood are being victimized by the Council. Why do we need to have this added income for the sweat of storekeepers? shameless. I hope they revolt en masse.

  4. Do you not look at you bills before paying them to see that it is correct, it is your responsibility.

  5. Anonymous:

    Do you not look at you bills before paying them to see that it is correct, it is your responsibility.

    So let me get this straight. You’re okay with the fact that the Village continues to send out erroneous invoices even though they’ve been told about it several times? And the reason bogus invoices continue to be mailed is because someone in the Village’s Finance office doesn’t want to take the time necessary to verify correctness of invoices? You’re fine with all of this?

  6. And the way I interpret it is, if you don’t hear about this oversight, and you’re too busy with your business to notice anything out of line, you get stuck with the overcharge because you didn’t question it. It’s kind of like a business that deliberately shortchanges you but only corrects the correct amount if you count your change and say something.

  7. Where is Paulie the Greek ( President of the Chamber of Commerce ) on this ? He should be at the next meeting complaining. I don’t think he will say a peep because he his afraid that if he criticize the Council they will not put up his beloved parking garage.

  8. Thanks #4 Madam Breath of Fresh Air.

  9. Paulie the Greek is with Al the Priest, they are praying for a solution.

  10. Any business that got an estimated water bill & and was hit with a significant discharger fee should go back and review their bill regardless of whether the bills came in recently or a few years ago. My prediction is that this will be a huge mess with the Village owing tens of thousands in miscollected fees.

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