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Siobhan Winograd Claimed Voters Put Ridgewood School Kids at Risk of Violence


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Ridgewood NJ, in her successful drive to strip Ridgewood taxpayers from voting on school budgets, Siobhan Winograd claimed elections put Ridgewood school kids at risk of violence or worse.

Her #1 reason for pushing to eliminate the Ridgewood school budget vote was a made-up fear-mongering claim about ‘school safety’. You can read her unsupported claim here on her own website:

Fact #1: School Security

Posted byswinograd May 15, 2019

Dear Ridgewood Community,

One of the most important responsibilities of government is to keep our community safe.

To that end, the Ridgewood Board of Education has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to increase security at our schools, including hardware purchases (driver’s license readers, one-button security) and staffing additions (RHS School Resource Officer). In addition, the BOE has made policy changes that increase security by limiting visitors to the schools; even parents are now actively discouraged from entering school buildings for unofficial reasons at all times in order to keep movement to a minimum during the school day. These are all rightful and necessary steps for the safety of our students and school community.

Fact #1: Thousands of registered voters enter our schools on each election day.

On multiple election days each year, thousands of registered voters[1] are allowed to enter our schools while school is in session. While elections have typically been low-risk events in the past, we believe that our current climate dictates a proactive stance, decreasing exposure to any security risk. Unnecessarily opening our school doors repeatedly throughout the year undermines the security investments mentioned above. Last year some HSAs were so concerned about safety that they requested extra security coverage on election days.

We feel that a better approach would be to hold our local elections on one day — the traditional November Election Day. Eliminating off-cycle election days will help ensure that our students are safer.

What else will Winograd do if she stoops so low as to claim democracy endangers your kids?

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7 thoughts on “Siobhan Winograd Claimed Voters Put Ridgewood School Kids at Risk of Violence

  1. She’s clinically insane.

  2. Is this woman for real?

  3. She doesn’t care.
    Parents/Voters/Residents in Ridgewood are
    and will do NOTHING.

  4. Not merely disagreeing with her, she seriously has a screw loose.

  5. Any one who sues someone over trash talk at soccer is crazy and has no business in charge of our Village.

  6. What’s up with her latest FB Winograd2022 video . . . . “Vote, Vote LOCAL, vote Winograd? What the heck does that even mean? “Vote Local????” is that like “Buy Local???” Is that some form a marketing that she thinks will draw in voters? Does she have a brain in her head????????????????????

  7. Sometimes litigation is necessary. But filing an action in Manhattan Supreme Court in connection with a Ridgewood soccer mom saying negative things about her husband’s soccer-coaching abilities?!?! Do you want someone with this kind of lack of judgment/common sense and out-of-control vindictiveness running things in your town? Not me . . . .

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