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Situation Dire For Ridgewood’s Small Business Community

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, small business in Ridgewood are struggling to survive in the Facebook group ,”Ridgewood Moms and Dads With Free Speech” Kayleigh Smith summed up the dire situation some of the local merchants are in:

“Hey Everyone!
After discussing with many fellow small business owners about the current situation and the scary reality that some of us will have little to no business or may have to close for an unknown period, I just wanted to point out 2 major ways you’d be able to still shop small and show support to your town’s businesses. The first would be buying a gift card to any small business- especially if you go there often. It’s something you could do over the phone and use for yourself when business starts up again. The money goes directly and immediately to the business to help us through this time. Secondly for restaurants (MacMurphy’s will start this tomorrow and I know Cafe 37 already started with $0 fee)- order take out if you’re comfortable with that. Ask the business owners what their cleaning practices are if you need to ease any worries. Most will do delivery contact free where we take CC info over the phone and drop off at your door step.
Separately- we know that with students being home from school, there are those that rely on school meals to keep children full so as that continues, MacMurphy’s will offer a free kids cheeseburger, hot dog, or grilled cheese Monday- Friday. Just simply order one of the above “with love” so we will know without asking questions.
Happy early St. Paddy’s from Ridgewood’s pub”

2 thoughts on “Situation Dire For Ridgewood’s Small Business Community

  1. Not to worry…
    The GINORMOUS GARAGE will be done soon and will SAVE everyone….

  2. They Never Listened..did not give a damm..taxpayers called this from day one..

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