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Smarter AI Sprinklers Can Offer Solutions and Save Water

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Ridgewood NJ, as the weather heats up, Americans tend to water their lawns more frequently, often resulting in significant water waste. Traditional sprinklers, which lack precision, frequently water not just the lawn but also driveways and sidewalks. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, landscape irrigation uses about 9 billion gallons of water per day, with nearly half of that being wasted.

The Problem with Traditional Sprinklers

Traditional sprinkler systems are notoriously inefficient, contributing to water waste at a time when water prices are rising due to climate change-induced scarcity and drought. This highlights the urgent need for more efficient watering solutions.

Enter the Smarter Sprinkler

Innovative companies like Rain Bird, Rachio, and Minnesota-based Irrigreen are developing smarter irrigation technologies designed to maximize efficiency. Irrigreen, in particular, offers a system that CEO Shane Dyer likens to the precision of an inkjet printer.

“It’s a digital, robotic sprinkler that pops up in the middle of the lawn and traces the contours of your landscaping, putting down a completely even layer of water,” Dyer explains. This single-head system, powered by artificial intelligence, can save up to half the water typically used.

How It Works

Irrigreen’s system uses cloud data and information about the homeowner’s soil, grass type, and sun exposure to create customized watering patterns. “We design patterns that follow the weather, ensuring that every single zone in your yard gets an individualized watering schedule,” says Dyer. The system also incorporates real-time weather reports to avoid watering when it’s raining, all controlled through an app that allows users to manage the sprinkler like a video game, moving the head to water around corners and in specific patterns.

The Impact and Investment

So far, Irrigreen has installed thousands of systems across the country, saving approximately 200 million gallons of water. The company’s innovative approach has attracted significant investment, including from Ulu Ventures.

“It’s an extraordinary market opportunity. There are 80 million lawns in the United States, and this technology not only saves money but dramatically reduces water usage,” says Steve Reale, CFO at Ulu Ventures.

Cost and Accessibility

The cost of the Irrigreen system ranges from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on the size of the property and the number of sprinkler heads required. This is comparable to other in-ground systems. To help consumers understand their water usage, Irrigreen offers a tool on its website where users can enter their address to see how much water they are wasting, utilizing satellite imagery.

Looking Ahead

Backed by investors such as Sage Hill Investors, Burnt Island Ventures, MFV Partners, and Sum Ventures, Irrigreen has raised $15 million to continue expanding its innovative irrigation solutions.

With smarter sprinklers like those from Irrigreen, we can look forward to more efficient water use, saving both money and valuable resources as climate change continues to challenge our water supply.


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10 thoughts on “Smarter AI Sprinklers Can Offer Solutions and Save Water

  1. the ‘smartest sprinkler’ is a manual hose and sprinkler as necessary

    1. Totally agree. We should also consider reducing the size of our lawns and plant native plants, etc in their place. Tired of seeing huge houses with huge lawns being built. They put an extra burden on the water capacity of our reservoirs in so many ways.

      1. Green with envy or envy of green?

      2. You do that.

        I’ll keep my big lawn and multiple plants.
        We should also consider increasing the size of our lawns.

        I’m tired of listening to self-important, uninformed people telling everyone what’s best for them and how to live their lives. They impose extra burdens on others and think they are all seeing, knowing and powerful, when they often can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag without assistance.

        1. “I’m tired of listening to self-important, uninformed people telling everyone what’s best for them and how to live their lives”

          Pot, meet kettle.

        2. I apologize if I hit a nerve. End of discussion. Enjoy your big lawn 😊

      3. A class “A” town should be able to supply all the water necessary, and willingly paid for, by their customers. ONE hot day and Ridgewood goes into water panic mode. The Village needs more water capacity, not more underutilized ball fields.

  2. Glen Rock website:

    Pls consider not watering ur lawn. No mandate!

    Also says its ok for 2x a week …next week

  3. Let’s just fix the water capacity so we can live like civilized people in an advanced society in the 21st century.

    Enough already.

    And while we’re at it. let’s remove the poison from the water supply.

  4. And what about the people that have their own well can they order whatever they want or no?

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