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Some Help for Bergen County’s Terrible Roads ,Nearly $4.5M Grant for Local Road Work


March 26, 2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Lawmakers representing New Jersey’s 40th legislative district announced nearly $4.5 million to fund 15 transportation projects in each of the towns they represent.

$4.5 million in TTF funding will support 15 road and bridge projects (“Our local municipalities will receive over $4 million from the TTF to improve critical road and bridge projects,” said Sen. Kristin Corrado (R-40). “Funding for safe and reliable transportation will be an investment in our economy.”

Bergen County will receive more than $1.3 million to fund seven projects, including improvements to the West Allendale Avenue Streetscape in downtown Allendale Borough and roads near schools and parks in Franklin Lakes and Ho-Ho-Kus.

Passaic County will receive $2,185,000 for five projects, including Webster Drive in Wayne Township.

Two projects in Morris County will be funded with more than $547,000, including improvements to Hillview Road in Pequannock Township, a commercial area. A $402,000 grant was awarded to Essex County for Cedar Grove Township.

“This is welcome news for our region,” said Rooney (R-Bergen). “Fixing roads in residential neighborhoods makes them safer for commuters and families while protecting the value of homes in the area. Road improvements also enhance safety for children who walk to school and enjoy our parks.”

“Commuters, businesses, and families will all reap the benefits of this funding,” said DePhillips (R-Bergen). “Well paved and maintained streets are vital to our local economy. This investment in our infrastructure will pay dividends for years to come.”

17 thoughts on “Some Help for Bergen County’s Terrible Roads ,Nearly $4.5M Grant for Local Road Work

  1. I don’t understand why residents on this blog were bitching about Knudsen not fixing the potholes in town. Is that up to the council. I thought it was up to county or state.

  2. Big deal that’s nothing, they need that money just in Ridgewood .All the county roads in Ridgewood are shot.

  3. We have many Bergen County roads in the village that is the counties responsibility for maintaining them. Not the village.

  4. We (town) pay for local roads
    County pays for County Roads
    State pays for State Roads
    Feds pay for National Roads
    Really not complicated.
    Just curious… are you a product of a Ridgewood education?

  5. Are you kidding me? How are local Ridgewood streets County’s responsibility? Stop blindly defending Susan on this. Susan and especially Heather are clueless on this situation. I have yet to see any reaction (even a meek apology) about the state of our local streets and this drives me really mad. You can’t be so oblivious to such a glaring issue.

  6. I hope they’re going to repave Ridgewood Avenue

  7. Yes pretty much all major roads are Bergen County’s responsibility. End of story

  8. They patched North Pleasant Avenue today….an awful job.

  9. Oh it’s a band aid.

  10. Ridgewood ave will be repaved after PSE&G is done with the gas line upgrade, they are waiting for the trenches to settle

    County Roads, Franklin Turnpike, Linwood, Glen, Ridgewood, Lincoln, Prospect, Ackerman, Rt. 17, Maple, might be a few more on the other side of 17 (Saddle River/Paramus Road)

  11. North pleasant and Fairway are the roads to perdition ..basically Need to be closed let this happen over a 8 year period as the blog and homeowners screamed bloody murder.

    These are Main roadways to south and north sides of towns interchange county roads including RIDGEWOOD and Linwood avenues and to all the schools each morning.someone should be held accountable..a new concept outside of private industry.
    Now PSEG has their mark out lines drawn.Hold on for an even more damaging ride on these patchwork tragedies.

    schools get 1 Bill a decade

    the rest San eat cake..moving trucks please,,



  12. I guess in a fantasy world streets are perfect.

  13. Madison Pl road looks like it was bombed…
    Oh it was by PSEG…

  14. Pave the damn parking lot already and save the rest of the money to do more streets.

  15. Well thank you for filling the potholes. It’s a big help thanks .

  16. All I can say is from what I see a public service aka pse&g I know they’re doing upgrades but my god they are destroying roads author of this town.

  17. Yes so true . Over the past week and I seen Burton County repairing puddles on Godwin Avenue in front of my house.

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