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Some Sanders supporters say it’s ‘Bernie or Bust’ and they will never vote for Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders

Hunter Walker
National Correspondent
March 26, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders greets his supporters at a rally in Seattle last week. (Photo: David Ryder/Reuters)
Bernie Sanders has dubbed his presidential campaign a “political revolution,” but some of his supporters are rebelling against the very party he is hoping to lead.

A voluble group of die-hard Sanders backers is vowing online that it’s “Bernie or Bust,” saying they will never support his presidential primary opponent — and, at this point, the likely Democratic nominee — Hillary Clinton.

Nearly two months after voting began in the Democratic primaries, Clinton has racked up a lead among pledged party delegates that makes a Sanders victory increasingly implausible. In apparent recognition of this mathematical challenge and the need to begin aiming fire outside the party, Sanders in recent weeks has pivoted away from Clinton and toward Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. Yet at the same time Sanders is making the case that he’s actually more electable in a matchup with Trump, he has also started talking about the circumstances under which he would endorse Clinton. His senior adviser, Tad Devine, has even suggested that Sanders would consider serving as Clinton’s running mate.

3 thoughts on “Some Sanders supporters say it’s ‘Bernie or Bust’ and they will never vote for Hillary Clinton

  1. A die hard Bernie supporter would never vote for Trump. Politically Trump and Bernie are at polar ends of the spectrum.

    Bernie and Hillary disagree on policy and ideas. They do not personally attack each other.

    The hate and childish fighting among GOP candidates has fractured the party. Trump cannot win without women and hispanics.

    1. thats why Trump leads in Both

  2. This is a common statement by supporters in the primary stages. Most of them will vote for Hillary after Bernie falls and he recommends that they do.

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