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>Sook Pastry the taste test



Sook Pastry the taste test 

Sook Pastry a European style cafe that opened about four months ago at 24 South Broad Street. I know it took awhile but I finally got there.They seem to have found their groove already with their offerings of sandwiches, salads, crepes, Illy coffees which is a home run in my book and of coarse loads of delicious PASTRIES!

One is overwhelmed by the subtle smell of fresh cooked pastries as soon as you walk in The shelves are packed with a perfectly balanced color pallet of beautiful strawberry, chocolate and lemon delights just begging to be brought home.


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I ordered a large cappuccino which was delicious not too hot or too cold and just the right amount of foam .After some though I settled on a Napoleon which was very creamy ,and not too sweet with a cake style crust . It was spot on . Other patrons told em they were very big fans of the multicolored Macarons.

The shop is very clean with a modern decor yet still very comfortable. Service was excellent and the staff was very friendly . They also have some very impressive looking cakes which would take any dinner party over the top for desert. My suggestion to defiantly give it a try .


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