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Spot Light On First Responders: Ho-Ho-Kus Firefighter Dane Policastro

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ho-Ho-Kus NJ, the Ho-Ho-Kus Fire Department is 100% volunteer. We are always looking for dedicated, impassioned, and well-rounded individuals to join our family. Firefighter Dane Policastro joined the Juniors at age 16 and became a Senior Member at 18.  He served as Lieutenant from 2017-21. Dane is involved with the community in various roles and is a Town Councilman.

Join the Ho-Ho-Kus Volunteer Fire Department. Continue the tradition of dedication and commitment to serving our community.

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7 thoughts on “Spot Light On First Responders: Ho-Ho-Kus Firefighter Dane Policastro

  1. AWWWHHHOOOOGA! Why don’t our “firefighters” look this bow chicka wow wow 😉

    1. Imagine a man making this same comment about a female firefighter, nurse, etc.

      The outrage and canceling would be so loud and so fast and so incessant it would make your head spin.

  2. This last name reminds me of one of the zoning officials in the HHK planning department that pushed the monstrous apartment building in the former grandma’s attic site. A really young kid who really should not be making such decisions that transform a whole town. I guess the last name carries a lot of reputation in HHK. When RW residents across 1st street expressed their concerns about the project, he and the whole HHK zoning board were cold as ice and ignored everything.

  3. Do you think hocus gives two shits about Ridgewood. What is Ridgewood doing for Hohokus nothing . Wait until Valley moves to Paramus and that turns into housing. You don’t really think that the Valley hospital is going to keep that big building running as an urgent care, please open up your eyes. It’s not going to happen. They don’t need that building anymore, that’s why when you walk through the site, you could see things not being replaced. Things are getting worn out, then not going to dump money into that site. And Ridgewood keeps on breaking their balls like they’ve been, they donate the whole site to the county and make affordable housing. Then you’ll be jamming your thumb up your ass. This talks behind the curtain already.

  4. Wait until they build at the old Village Ford site on Maple Avenue, more housing

    1. valley owns that area i beleive

  5. Yes they do.

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