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Squirrels question whether new trash can style has been chosen in Ridgewood

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the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, Squirrels residing within the confines of Ridgewood’s Central Business District are patiently waiting to learn if Councilwoman Siobhan Winograd’s detailed analysis of trash cans has identified a make and model suitable their habitation. Does anyone know if the Councilwoman and/or members of the Village’s Sanitation Division have settled on a manufacturer and style yet?

Once the new trash cans are delivered, our staff would certainly enjoy watching a video of the Councilwoman standing next to one, while explaining its benefits/features. We suspect an animal control specialist, and maybe even a police officer, will be standing by if such a podcast is undertaken. Can’t wait!

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11 thoughts on “Squirrels question whether new trash can style has been chosen in Ridgewood

  1. That is hilarious!

    1. The Squirrel Queen!

  2. What do you expect from her? The worst.

  3. What happened to the real expensive concrete ones that we bought a few years ago? Where did they all go. They were very nice.

  4. How does it feel to be mocked publicly about something this dumb, o normal councilperson? You dealt it out for years and now you’re on the other end of it.

  5. The cans should be also be compliant with DEI requirements and non racist. Since she “designs” children clothes she should be able to also design trash cans.

  6. This is absolutely hilarious. Siobhan is finally getting back the same ridiculous crap she has dealt out for years. Long live the blog!

  7. Just remember a lot of Squirrel voted for her.

  8. Those cans are a grave danger! Don’t you realize that the openings are so large that kidnapped handbags could disappear into the maw of the can and never be seen again?

  9. I’m surprised the twit even knows how to find the downtown. With all of the costly stupidity this new council majority wants to implement in Ridgewood, you can look to a nice fat tax increase in the next budget. Clear cutting the Schedler property so her campaign donors can run summer camps out of the new Schedler Stadium at a premium, the six-figure garbage can spend for her CBD donors and then finally they will be changing more zoning laws to allow for a 100 plus unit assisted living center down on none other than South Broad Street for her developer backers. Hopefully she has a complete mental breakdown before they get around to the last one. The only thing that can save Ridgewood now is a monster recession. These idiots will be too preoccupied with putting out budgetary fires to sell the rest of the town off to their political masters. Oh yeah, handbags lives matter, the tippy top priority is neutralizing those dangerous parking meter posts so rich white women can freely swing their Louies around without fear of injuring those designer purses.

  10. Let her turn the parking garage into half housing. That can work out well for the town.

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