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State of the Union Address : “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ramsey NJ, Republican Congressional Candidate Frank Pallotta released the following statement regarding the State of the Union address:

“Last night’s State of the Union brought us nothing more than the platitudes and emotional rhetoric that have become all too common in the way Democrats and the Biden Administration govern. Speeches are great only when combined with action.

“Democrats have failed our allies. They have failed law enforcement. They have failed everyday citizens who are struggling with ever-increasing food and fuel costs.

“We need an answer to Putin’s violations of international law, we need a solution to skyrocketing inflation, and we need an answer to the crime epidemic. Democrats hold complete control of the federal government and have no plan, a situation growing dire.”

New Jersey Republican Party (“NJGOP”) Chairman Bob Hugin offered the following statement in response to the State of the Union address:

“As this country – and New Jersey in particular – faces the worst inflation and affordability crisis in half a century and our enemies are on the march across the globe, what we heard tonight from Joe Biden and his enablers in the Democratic Party was doubling down on more of the same disastrous policies that will continue to hurt middle class families. Moving this country back in the right direction starts with installing a Republican check and balance in Congress this November, and rest assured: New Jersey will do its part to make that happen.”

7 thoughts on “State of the Union Address : “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

  1. He’s not just putting forth a bad policy agenda, he’s telling some bald-faced lies that he nor his party believes.

    1. True. But what about Biden?

      1. He = Biden
        You are confused.

  2. Biden should be doing much more regarding what’s going on in Russia. Way too much dirty business has been going on.

    1. So true. He should’ve threatened to withhold aid until Ukraine dished the dirt on his political enemies, like a REAL president does.

  3. It’s not the Russian people, it’s the Russian dirty politics.

  4. Biden had another close call when reporters had the absolute audacity to ask him questions on abortion. Thankfully, his wife stepped in and whisked him away. That was a close call where we almost had another Bidenism.

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