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State Senator Corrado Calls Toddler Mask Mandate “Harmful and Unnecessary” in Letter to Murphy

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Trenton NJ, State Senator Kristin Corrado (R-40) expressed concern with Executive Order No. 264 in a letter to Governor Phil Murphy today.

Dear Governor Murphy:

I write to you on behalf of our mutual constituents who are working parents, childcare providers, and their staff members. Your recent executive order, No. 264, has left many New Jerseyans confused and concerned over the well-being of their children in daycare centers. As their representative, I ask that you provide further clarification by answering these questions:

Childcare centers have been operating safely as an industry during the highs and lows of the COVID-19 pandemic. What data has changed that moved you to enact new mandates, particularly when daycares have not been associated with community transmission?

The World Health Organization (WHO) advises against masking children under the age of five. What data are you using to justify a mandate that is in direct conflict with the WHO? Furthermore, what are daycare centers supposed to do if a child refuses to wear a mask?

Part time staff members are instrumental to running daycare centers. If part time employees do not obtain health benefits through their daycare employer, who will cover the cost for COVID testing?

Why are there inconsistent quarantine guidelines between daycare and public schools?

Many childcare centers are already suffering from staff shortages. They cannot afford to reduce personnel by implementing kiosks or self-check-out machines like big box stores. These mandates may make employees leave for other, less restrictive jobs. Furthermore, this toddler mask requirement will ultimately hurt hard working parents who have no choice but to put their child in daycare. It is time for the State government to stop imposing unnecessary and hurtful mandates on the people of New Jersey.

I look forward to your response.

Senator Kristin M. Corrado

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