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Statement from Mayor Paul Aronsohn – Village of Ridgewood Update Nov 7, 2012

Statement from Mayor Paul Aronsohn – Village of Ridgewood Update Nov 7, 2012

Good morning. This is Ridgewood Mayor Paul Aronsohn.

Yesterday, PSEG estimated that over 80%of Ridgewood had power — a considerable increase from the day before. And while we think that estimate is overly optimistic, I am pleased to note that many Ridgewood homes did, in fact, have their power restored over the past 36 hours.

Clearly, that is good news, but clearly, too, that is not good enough.

As I drove around Ridgewood late last night, it was obvious that some neighborhoods, some homes were still very much in the dark. Nine days after the storm, that is unacceptable, and none of us … neither the Village Council nor the Village staff…will be satisfied until each and every home in Ridgewood has its power restored. In fact, I was on the phone this morning at 6am with our PSEG Regional Director urging him to again send more trucks and more linesmen back to Ridgewood … underscoring the need to get the job done as soon as possible.

Going forward, there are three things we should do:

For those without power, it is important that you call PSEG, once again, to make sure that the folks there have your specific house information. With so many areas restored, it is absolutely critical that PSEG knows that your house still has no power.

For those of us in Village government, we will remain single-mindedly focused on making sure that every household gets its power back as soon as possible.

And for those with power — regardless of who you are or where you are — please extend yourself to those in need. Open your home and open your hearts. Again, many of our neighbors are still hurting and still in need of a warm meal and a warm home.

Tonight, the Village Council will meet at 7:30pm in Village Hall. We encourage all residents to join us. There will be a chance for you to express your feelings and ask your questions. There will also be a briefing on the storm .. it’s impact and our recovery.

Until then, be well … be safe … and if you want to contact me, email me at or call me on my cell phone at 201.213.1811.

Thank you. And please remember, we are all in this together.

11 thoughts on “Statement from Mayor Paul Aronsohn – Village of Ridgewood Update Nov 7, 2012

  1. Mayor Paul Aronsohn stop with the Bull. We want action not talk and get that stupid grim off your face.

  2. Where is our buffoon the Deputy Mayor in all this ? Where is Gwen serving tea and cookies to the Country Club sect.

  3. If you have power you should watch the Council meeting. I have never seen people tap dancing around the issues.

  4. Keep stroking the residents Aronsohn!!!! Your a great leader!!! (did ya get the sarcasm)

  5. Where have you gone, Keith Killion…?

  6. Partisan toolbag. The only thing he forgot to do was blame his successor for thethe mess he inherited. His roboballs are thinly veiled unpaid Democrat advertisements. Lets see how many mayoral 911 addresses he makes now that Obama was re-elected.


    Does anyone else see the resemblance?

  8. If I hear him use the term “FOLKS ” one more time I’m going to throw up. How about the term “RESIDENTS” when he address Ridgewood.

  9. Can someone tell me what planet Gwen is on?

  10. Dear Mr. Mayor,
    Please stop blaming PSEG for your poor leadership skills in responding to a crisis. After 9 days I finally got power back yesterday. There were 6 trees and 3 utilitiy poles down on my block. Everyone involved with PSEG was doing their job, from the local PSEG crew to the crew from Illinois. It was not a quick fix. 3 poles had to be replaced and all utilities needed to be marked. PSEG checked every day on the progress and spoke freely about the procedures and steps that needed to occur. Frankly, I was amazed that we got our power back as quickly as we did after seeing and hearing stories of the devastation to residents of Ridgewood, Little Ferry, Moonachie and other communities. You may have driven around last night (probably the first time) but when a local resident mentioned our problem to you a week ago, you had no idea that our street even existed and never bothered to check on us or visit.

    My problem with you Mr. Mayor was your lack of leadership in providing local residents with helpful information. Instead of Robo calling to throw blame on PSEG, why didn’t you call to tell us where to get hot food, because eating out every meal got to be very expensive. How about calling to say where we could get ice, extra water, computer access, charge our phones, help for our pets, extra blankets, a place to sleep or get warm, or that we were still having garbage pick -up. Not everyone had family to go to or could afford to get a hotel, or a generator and pay the cost to fill it.

    In one of your Robo calls you mentioned that we were responsible for taking the tree branches down to recycling center on our own and to not put them in the street. I have no idea of how we are suppose to accomplish that. Meanwhile you had trucks collecting leaves? That is a perfect example of your pathetic leadership.

    You sir, failed to do your job as a mayor, so just stop talking and calling, because frankly I’m tired of hearing from you!!

    just sign me
    A very pissed off 18 year Resident

  11. I don’t want to hear from the mayor. I want to hear from our Village Manager. Why is the mayor sucking up all the available oxygen?

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