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Stealing Yard Signs and Intimidation Tactics Mar Ridgewood Village Council Election

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood blog is hearing from multiple sources that certain individuals are making the rounds threatening residents who have certain yard signs supporting certain candidates at their homes . The Ridgewood blog is hearing that some people are having political signs stolen from their front lawns. We have also heard that in some cases doorbells are being rung, and homeowners are being told why they should not vote for whatever candidate is represented on their lawn sign.

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18 thoughts on “Stealing Yard Signs and Intimidation Tactics Mar Ridgewood Village Council Election

  1. Soccer mom mafia.

    1. The Hudson countyfying of Richwood.

      “Nice lawn sign you have there………………………….”

  2. Of course they knock on your door and tell you who to vote for. They know better.

  3. Please…have them knock I my door.

  4. Standard course for liberals. U must agree w me. If you don’t , we will do everything in our power to destroy u

    1. I am a liberal and I am voting for Susan and Van Goor. Weitz and Winograd will truly be disasters.

  5. Why else did the liberals Opra the petitions of the other candidates? They are desperate, slimy and willing to stop at nothing

    1. I saw that Rurik had OPRA’d the nominating petitions and I was wondering what that slimeball group of residents was going to deal with them. Now I know. They actually have the balls to go door to door and confront people? Do they have NO standard? Forget I just asked that question. It’s been answered.

    2. I am a liberal. Please don’t put me in the category with these people. I’m voting for Susan and Van Goor.

  6. I would not trust any of them. Dirty

  7. If “liberal” is supposed to mean Winograd and Weitz and friends, take it from me, that is untrue. I am liberal-plus (in the old sense) and can’t wait to vote for Knudsen and Van Goor.

  8. the work of Linda Scarpa by any chance?

    1. Stealing the signs? Who knows?. That woman is bat shit crazy. I think her son was replaced at EMS, she blames Knudson, and she lost her mind. Seems very sad situation all around.

  9. I can’t believe they still allow all these signs. Even for sale signs on homes. It’s so 1980s, so tacky cheap looking.

  10. Pls pls don’t vote for W or W.

  11. We hope they throw them in the leaf pile’s soon.

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