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Still More Attacks on Parental Rights Coming From Trenton


by Michele Talamo

Trenton NJ, The legislators and schools haven taken over your children. Pity you probably didn’t even see it coming. They will continue to intrude into every facet of your life until you do something, anything.

S-2835 – Adopted; Sent to Governor – Mandatory School Psychological Surveys of your children
The NJ Senate and NJ General Assembly both passed < S-2835 >, substituting it for < A-3926 >. This creates an ANNUAL computerized assessment (NOT a psychologist!) for EVERY STUDENT, ages 12-17, and is an intrusion into parental and student privacy. It looks for signs of depression and anxiety, but opens a Pandora’s box of other emotional or psychological tests “the Commissioner” of Education might choose to assess, and what “remedy” the State might then see fit to administer.

3 thoughts on “Still More Attacks on Parental Rights Coming From Trenton

  1. Nice, now every pissed off teen (is there any other kind?) will be able to disclose their frustrations to a computer system. To be carefully catalogued and stored, forever.

    Next, school councillors who don’t want to be accused of missing warning signs would recommend visiting a shrink or a candy man to discuss treatment.

    Before you know it, your boy or girl is on 3 meds before even stepping a foot in college! Everyone making $. The schools get more Budget, the shrinks and Pharma sell candy, the politicians get more support from school unions and drug manufacturers.

    Everyone except your child that is. The teen is a nervous wreck for life.

  2. How did you forget about the shedler mess and healthbarn. This same group was responsible for those two too.

  3. Lots of kids will be forced into therapies and put on meds
    … and get F**ked Up for the rest of their lives, thanks to the “support” they received.

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