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Stop Phrases in Relationships: What You Should Not Say If You Want to Live Happily Ever After

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Some words cannot be said to loved ones under any circumstances! They kill the most valuable things on which a harmonious relationship is built — trust and intimacy. Here are three types of stop phrases that you should never say.

1.Phrases That Threaten Attachment

When men date senior women, and in a couple, one of the partners does not give the other help and support, attachment wounds arise in the relationship. This can happen in everyday situations and serious ones. Attachment wounds cause pain, distrust and make relationships insecure.

We all want to believe that we have a special place in the heart and life of a partner and that nothing threatens this position. Only in this case, it is possible to trust, open up, share intimate things, and be gentle. Therefore, phrases that hint that we are not unique destroy relationships and give rise to wounds of attachment.

That’s it, we are breaking up!

Even my ex did not throw such tantrums.

If you gain weight, I’ll start looking at others.

Sometimes, I think that I would feel better with someone else.

The most common threat in a quarrel is break up and divorce. We say this out of helplessness, trying to show how bad and painful we feel. But the partner hears, “I do not value our relationship at all.” It hurts a lot, and it is hard to forget.

2.Phrases That Devalue a Partner’s Feelings

To be heard, understood, to share your experiences with a partner is one of the key needs of a person in a close relationship. Devaluation of emotions often occurs in conflict situations. When our feelings are declared insignificant, unimportant, or wrong, there is a feeling of loneliness, of our own insignificance. If depreciation occurs regularly, then, over time, we completely stop waiting for understanding.

You create a problem out of the blue again.

What are you so tired of, I wonder?

Nobody in the world thinks so, except you!

Intimate relationships involve facing each other’s emotions, and not just positive ones. And there are two ways in this interaction: to withstand different experiences of a loved one and respond to them, or to move away and gradually accumulate disappointment.

3.Phrases That Make a Partner Feel Unworthy

It is vitally important for us to be good people in the eyes of our loved ones. Then we want to spend time together and invest in relationships, we feel needed, valuable, loved. If it seems like our partner thinks we are not very decent and nice, it hurts. We want to defend ourselves, attack or close, hide. Such phrases deeply hurt and leave an unpleasant mark on the soul.

You can’t be trusted with anything.

Are you crazy?

Only a complete idiot can do that!

You are not capable of anything!

You need to express your anger, resentment, and discontent. But it is worth learning how to do this without insults and hints at the inadequacy of the partner.

Love is a fragile flower. For it to grow stronger and flourish, you need to be careful with each other. Happy relationships give us so much that it’s definitely worth trying for them!

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  1. If you want to live happily ever after, never say “I do.“

  2. 3. Phrases That Make a Partner Feel Unworthy

    Let’s go make out in the parking garage.

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