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Streaming Poised to Overtake Broadcast and Cable TV in the Coming Years

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, while traditional TV, a combination of cable and broadcast networks, still commands the majority share, the trend is clear — streaming’s upward trajectory suggests it’s poised to overtake traditional TV viewing in the coming years.

Broadcast and cable TV dropped to a new low in July 2023 in terms of total share among American viewers — dropping below 50% of total TV usage in the United States for the first time, according to Nielsen.

Meanwhile, streaming services like YouTube and Netflix accounted for a record 38.7% of total U.S. TV usage, the category’s largest share reported in Nielsen’s The Gauge monthly report to date. Overall TV usage increased 0.2% during the month (and usage among audiences under 18 was up 4%).

In July, cable’s share fell below 30% for the first time, losing a full share point to stand at 29.6%. Broadcast usage fell 3.6%, down 0.8 points. On a year-over-year basis, broadcast viewing was down 5.4% (-1.5 points), and cable viewing was down 12.5% (-4.8 points).

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3 thoughts on “Streaming Poised to Overtake Broadcast and Cable TV in the Coming Years

  1. Nobody watches TV anymore and the ratings prove it
    The dominant fake news is an arm of the democratic party and its pure propaganda and loss of viewers proves it.
    Subscribers don’t want to be forced to pay for shit they don’t watch, such as BET and channels in other languages
    Here’s a thought.. A la carte pricing.. allow consumers to pay and subscribe to only the channels they want.. i think theres less than 5 on my cable box that i would even consider
    the woke corporate propaganda trying to push their agenda with commercials is enough reason to mute or switch the channel

  2. I remember when the reason for getting cable was no commercials. Now you have to pay for them.

  3. Pay More.
    Do More Work.
    Get Less.

    Boy, oh Boy… These guys must be laughing at us chumps.

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