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UPDATE: Stuck in Traffic Durring the Blizzard of 2018

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Twp of Washington NJ, traffic backed up on Pasack road , and Linwood Avenue heading into Ridgewood . The National Weather Service has issued a WINTER STORM WARNING IN EFFECT UNTIL 4 AM EST FRIDAY .

Ridgewood Mayor Ramon Hache:Update on weather. We have three salters out. Plow blades are being dropped. Municipal Court and Village committee meetings have been cancelled for tonight. Ridgewood Schools evening programs and activities have been cancelled. Best for people not to go out unless necessary. Conditions will get worse before they get better.


At 359 PM EST, an area of heavy snow was located along a line extending from Columbia to Chatham to Brookville to 6 miles south of
Shinnecock Hills. Movement was northeast at 30 mph.

Locations impacted include…Islip, Newark, Jersey City, Jamaica, Yonkers, Paterson, Bridgeport,
New Haven, Elizabeth, Stamford, Flatbush, Norwalk, Danbury, New Rochelle and Flushing.

Visibilities will drop quickly to less than a quarter of a mile in this area of heavy snow. Snowfall rates will average between 1 and 2 inches an hour. Travel will be difficult and should be avoided
where possible.

Icy roads are possible as the snow melts on the roads then quickly refreezes.

21 thoughts on “UPDATE: Stuck in Traffic Durring the Blizzard of 2018

  1. Terrible job by the road crews….took me 35 minutes to go 8 miles. I was lucky. It took my daughter 2-hours to get home from her school in Paramus (4.5 miles).

  2. 1 hour each way to/from Ramsey — bad roads all around

  3. It took me 45 minutes to get from Ridgewood to Hawthorne, about 3.5 miles at around 4 oclock. It was insane

  4. The leaf piles on my street have been obliterated…

  5. It’s no longer your father’s America. Everything seems to be pretty second rate these days.

  6. How is it possible that a 4-inch storm cripples Bergen County ?

  7. Roads all over Bergen county were terrible. Towns were obviously not prepared for this early snowfall.

  8. Tedesco equals incompetence

  9. The Ridgewood plowing plowers are on the job. The plowers is doing their best to clear the streets. (from Facebook)

  10. “Blizzard of 2018”
    My what snowflakes we have become….

  11. perfect combination of snow powder turning into shear ice layer then more snow equals no traction even where marginal grades like in front of starbucks on ridgewood avenue at 630 pm minimal upward Grades.chains were required or studs

  12. The government weather forecasters blew it. They predicted 1-3 inches of snow and we got close to 8.
    I did not see any ‘brine’ on the roads anywhere in NJ prior to the storm so perhaps our state county and local highway departments rely on a forecast, which was very innacurate.
    I’m tired of shoveling 8 inches of ‘global warming’ from my driveway and sidewalk.

  13. Who said we got close to 8 inches? Not in Ridgewood. More like 4 or maybe 5. Must be a man. They always exaggerate length

  14. That’s all the village owns is three salt trucks . Huh this is a big town. They should have 5 or 6 . This is a big town. We wonder how many roads miles do we have in this village, then we will know exactly how many trucks the village should have on the road.

  15. Montvale brined the roads on Wednesday afternoon…

  16. Very poor planning. This was not a bad storm, This was no big storm. What the heck are you fools going to do when the big one comes. What happened to all the experience. This didn’t happen years ago. No equipment, no employees, no experience , no comuacation , wow mr .mayor you have your hands full.

  17. It’s melting..

  18. We need a real village manager. This lady needs to retire . She is not capable of running a 26000 resident town. She may be OK to run Stop n Shop but not RW. Village manager is the most important person whose daily activities affect everyone’s life.

  19. “We need a real village manager. This lady needs to retire .”

    SHE GETS PAID $200,000 PER YEAR! For her level of competence, that is INSANE!

    I’m assuming her plan is to milk her bloated salary for as long as she can, and then retire with a cushy *PENSION* (yes, the liability for taxpayers continues). The taxpayers lose again…

  20. We had 7 inches of snow I’m not a big storm storm came in at that time, rush-hour.

  21. It was a nightmare being on the roads – its mid November – towns should have been more prepared even for 3 inches of snow!

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