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Superintendent of Schools , ” It is a busy summer for the district as we prepare for the reopening of school in September and complete a few facilities projects”

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Ridgewood NJ, Superintendent of Schools Daniel Fishbein, Ed.D. in his latest email commented on the summer facilities projects. Dr. Fishbein said , ” It is a busy summer for the district as we prepare for the reopening of school in September and complete a few facilities projects, including the Orchard School soil remediation, the remediation and replacement of the Gym 3 floor at Ridgewood High School, and the Stevens Field turf replacement. All three projects are underway, and I would like to provide a brief update on their status.”

Afterward he laid out progress on each of the projects :

Orchard School Soil Remediation Project
The Orchard School soil remediation project began the week of July 13. At this time, all of the preliminary surveying has been completed, and the silt fencing has been installed. Tricon Enterprises, Inc. has collected soil samples, which show the PAH contaminants in the fill that were previously observed in 2007. One composite sample indicated a concentration of dieldrin, which is a pesticide, but it is below the NJDEP residential standard. The report also shows the presence of some metals, but again the concentrations are below the NJDEP residential standards. The report containing the results from the soil samples can be found here. Also posted on our website are the chain of custody documents. WSP is in the process of managing the various submissions required so they can begin removing the soil from the site.

Ridgewood High School Gym 3 Floor Remediation and Replacement Project
I am pleased to report that the remediation phase of the Gym 3 floor work is complete, and the installation of the new flooring is expected to begin on Monday, July 27. The installation should take approximately two weeks.

Stevens Field Turf Replacement Project
The Stevens Field turf replacement project began last week with the removal and disposal of the turf. The subcontractor responsible for the removal of the original turf began working too early in the morning and, and therefore, did not follow the noise ordinance of the Village. Additionally, proper dust control methods were not used. I apologize to all who were inconvenienced. The Village has been notified, and I am hopeful that there will be no further issues. The schedule for the remainder of the project is as follows:

7/20-7/22: Install Netting Foundations
7/23-7/25: Regrade Field and Inspect
7/28: Turf Delivery and Layout
7/29-7/31: Turf Sewing
8/3-8/6: Turf Inlays
8/7-8/12: Turf Infill
8/13-8/14: Walkthrough/Punch List

Dr. Fishbein  concluded that ,”Brief project updates and photos will be posted on the District News section of the website if you would like to follow the progress of this work. I hope you are enjoying your summer!”