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Surveillance Cameras at Kasschau Bandshell Restrooms Raise Eyebrows

Kasschau Bandshell2

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, it’s been awhile but the Veterans Field “Golden Toilets “are back in the news. The Village of Ridgewood has posted security cameras in front of the bathrooms at the Kasschau Bandshell above the door but some residents have voiced concerns that  you can see the cameras  from inside the bathrooms .

The Kasschau Bandshell restrooms made quite a debut  when it was revealed by the Ridgewood blog in 2010 that they cost taxpayers  in excess of $500,000 . The restrooms became known as Ridgewood’s “Golden Toilets ”

But now the surveillance state has gone a bit too far and some female residents claim the cameras are a bit creepy and are fearful  for the invasion of privacy while using the ladies room.

Kasschau Bandshell

6 thoughts on “Surveillance Cameras at Kasschau Bandshell Restrooms Raise Eyebrows

  1. just another parks and rec issue. replace those idiots and the engineer

  2. Please turn them off so stuff starts flowing again.

  3. New VC secret meeting place?

  4. they don’t have access to the actual restrooms – any idiot can surmise that.
    Maybe they will help prevent duecers from being laid in the mens bathroom sinks going forward. Always a pleasure going in and finding a double taper in the sink left by one of our precious young people.

  5. Are the cameras in the bathroom or outside ?

  6. They should put a camera in the toilet bowl, let them record who’s taking the biggest dump

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