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“Swastika” Discovered in Glen Rock Middle School Bathroom

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Glen Rock NJ, the director of security for the Glen Rock Public Schools reported graffiti in the form of a swastika which was discovered in a boy’s bathroom at the Glen Rock Middle School. School officials were unable to provide a time frame in which this may have occurred. There are no known witnesses nor was any other evidence recovered at the scene. This matter has been classified as a bias incident and was reviewed by the Detective Bureau.

3 thoughts on ““Swastika” Discovered in Glen Rock Middle School Bathroom

  1. It’s not always a hate crime (sometimes it is, not denying that). Sometimes it’s done to seek attention.

  2. US Congress (squad) members openly advocate for destruction of the Jewish state and murder of Jews… while nearby in nyc, Jews are openly attacked in broad daylight by Muslim mobs and gangsters. And we care about a swastika in a school bathroom?

  3. “Anti-White Teaching” Discovered in Glen Rock Middle School Classrooms.

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