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>Teachers and Parents Agree on Math Needs…But Where are the Administrators?

>The Fly has learned that district teachers had a math workshop similar to the workshop the district held for parents recently. Teachers were given the same questions asked of parents, and their answers were pooled to provide feedback to the group of principals and math partners working on standardizing our K-6 math programs. Not surprisingly, the teachers overwhelmingly wanted what the parents answers overwhelmingly revealed: A program that is tested, true, traditional math. They also wanted to have books and fewer games. We know that games, gadgets, computer interfacing, fancy graphics and bold colors are used to “sell” uncritical administrators on constructivist math programs. Kudos to the teachers and, especially, to the high school teachers who were there and who put their support, backed up by experience, behind this position (and behind the parents!). Thank you Ridgewood teachers.


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