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Teaneck Mayor Steps Up: “We have Zero Tolerance for any Violence, or any threats of Violence”

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Teaneck NJ,  Teaneck Mayor Michael Santiago Pagan issued the following statement on the caravan from Paterson to Teaneck:

“Since the October 7th terrorist attack in Israel, we have seen protests taking place all over the country, including right here in Teaneck. Fortunately, most of those participating in Teaneck are not Teaneck residents. We are blessed to live in a country where we are free, even when that speech is not something everyone agrees with, or likes. Those rights are what we have fought for, and what we will continue to fight for, and we thank our armed forces and veterans for fighting for us to have those and others to have those freedoms.

I want residents to know that I, and my Council colleagues, are working around the clock with our law enforcement partners, the Governor’s Office, and federal officials to keep residents and their property safe. We want to thank Township Manager Dean Kazinci, the Teaneck Police Department, the Bergen County Sheriff, the FBI, Homeland Security, and our volunteers at CSS, for their diligence and commitment to our safety, while preserving the rights we hold so dear during this particularly difficult time in our Township.

While we in the United States have a first amendment right to free speech and freedom to peacefully protest, we have zero tolerance for any violence, or any threats of violence, and our police will promptly act on any individual inciting violence or impeding public safety. I am appalled by the attempts to harass and intimidate our residents over the policies of the Israeli government. And blaming Jewish people for the policies of the Israeli government is considered antisemitism. We will not tolerate antisemitism or Islamophobia of any kind in Teaneck.

The Township of Teaneck stands firm against hate. Our residents, our workforce, our law enforcement all deserve to have a peaceful holiday season and New Year with their families. I ask residents, if you see something or hear something, to immediately reach out to Teaneck Police or to the Township Manager’s office. May the New Year bring all of us blessings of peace and unity.”


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5 thoughts on “Teaneck Mayor Steps Up: “We have Zero Tolerance for any Violence, or any threats of Violence”

  1. Jeez…I’m going to send Mr Pagan a comb and a razor.

    1. And perhaps some thread to sew his forked tongue together.

  2. …only against protected classes.

    1. Yup…because they vote….rich and stoopid folks don’t vote…

      1. RICH and STUPID folks vote.
        … Who they vote for is part of what makes them STUPID.

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