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Temple Beth Or of Washington Twp. to Merge with Temple Beth El of Northern Valley, in Closter

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photo courtesy of Temple Beth Or Facebook page

June 8,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Washington Twp NJ, So ex council candidate Alexandra Harwin’s husband Rabbi Noah Fabricant may soon be without a job? This may explain quite a bit. According to Temple Beth Or ‘s website on  ” 11/2/2017: As announced during the High Holy Days, we (Temple Beth Or)  have signed a Letter of Intent with Temple Beth El of Northern Valley, in Closter, to take actions towards the merging of our two congregations to create a single Jewish community in a new location under a new name. Since then, we have made a significant amount of progress.”

9 thoughts on “Temple Beth Or of Washington Twp. to Merge with Temple Beth El of Northern Valley, in Closter

  1. Who knows he may get a promotion and head the merged, bigger entity.

    Let’s wish him success. (I was one of the vocal opponents of Harwin). Let’s keep someones job and election separate. We are better than PA.

  2. 7:28 – he was HORRIBLE, supporting all that Nazi rhetoric. A spiritual leader? I absolutely do NOT wish him success but I do wish him and his family out of Ridgewood.

  3. Ahhh Karma

  4. 9:49AM, then we are no different from PA who went after MS’s job and sent a letter to his employer. The election is over. Yes the rabbi was bad during the elections, and colluded with PA, PV, SW and some other nasty nasty people, but it’s over. Lets move on.

  5. I think you are mistaken if you don’t think the Rabbi is not feeling some heat in Washington Twp.

  6. Personalities do not change. It is far from “over.” We would be idiots to assume all was well.

  7. Never never forget the disgusting campaign 2018 Harwin and Willett pigs. They’re both disgusting human beings and neither have a place with decent people. I do not wish rabbi fabrication anything good. He doesn’t deserve to be the leader of a temple. Willett Harwin Fabricant Lehmann Phillips delzio halaby wunograd anonson Voight vagiano s9nenfeld hauck and the bunch are no good. Imagine calling the mayor of Ridgewood a Nazi? Harwin and her rabbi should just move

  8. You forgot weitz. He and his wife probably got 400 votes for Harwin. They campaigned overtime.

  9. I’m sure most of us are aware that Harwin did her campaigning and coffees alone. (Or with Paul by her side.) Willet was obviously dragged in because the opposition couldn’t find anyone who would both volunteer for Aronson’s campaign and also do it happily. It was fairly obvious that Willett was dragged kicking and screaming to run. She stayed out of sight and action as much as she could possibly get by with. We didn’t agree with her actions while on the previous Council but she was obviously just a place holder so that others actions could be accomplished through her. We didn’t want her on the Council and she didn’t want to be there. So, please think twice when you include her in Harwin’s campaign. I’m sure she didn’t like her pronouncements any more than we did. I am fully prepared for the terminology that will be directed towards me but I still think Willett really didn’t want to be there. You have to admit, there was a definite lack of willing supporters of the old regimes’ plans.

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