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Ten things to fix in Ridgewood

>Ten things to fix in Ridgewood (in no particular order):

1. Eliminate cross-walks…drivers don’t pay attention anayway so let’s end the charade.
2. Turn Graydon into a clear water pool.
3. Put lights somewhere on the west side….preferably at Willard.
4. Eliminate the Shade Tree Comm-n….having to replace my sidewalks every 8 years for stupid Oak trees planted by the town is insulting.
5. Have the Council vote on what “authors” can actually have book signings at Bookends.
6. Make Ridgewood and Franklin Avenues 1-way thoroughfares (in the CBD).
7. Move the BoE election to November.
8. Pave Grove Street so it doesn’t look like a highway in Bangalore.
9. Open up a Van Dykes on Pleasant Ave.
10. Have Policeman or an aux cop direct pedestrians when they come out of the train station…..

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