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The Annual Village home owner flight is upon us



The Annual Village home owner flight is upon us
the Staff of the Ridgewood blog 

Ridgewood NJ – So its that time of the year again when  a new generation  of High School  seniors graduates and looks forward to reshaping the world in their own  image . The Future looks bright and there are nothing but an endless horizon of possibilities for as far as the eye can see .

But wait whats this , hundreds of homes for sale in the Village well timed  for sellers to coincidentally  skate just in the nick of time for the diplomas to be passed to the next generation of leaders. Amazing how those moving trucks line up in the driveways  so neatly of so many now former Ridgewood residents their bags packed

Now the empty Nester’s take flight ,yes flight from bills due for turf fields, stadium lights , and assorted other  amenities that’s useful life has now been fulfilled and long term liabilities must be avoided at all cost for over extended families.Leaving those left with ever higher property taxes , declining maintenance, quality of life and lower educational standards .
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