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The Benefits of OnlineOCR as an Effective Converter

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OCR has taken the process of data entry to the new level. This online technology enables quick conversion of scanned documents to editable text formats. Luckily, there are currently a lot of OCR instruments to choose from. They accept different doc formats and image types, and convert them into the requested file formats, such as word, excel, or plain text. Now that you need to transform PDF to Excel, make sure to check the information below.

Online OCR’s Characteristics

OnlineOCR aims to transcribe content from a readable to an editable format. Its speed is more than impressive as it allows you to convert more than 15 images per hour. Here are some more features to be known:

It can be accessed in almost 50 languages, such as English, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, etc.

It is compatible with BMP (Bit Map), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), zip files, etc.

It transforms the content into Word, Excel, RTF, and plain text formats.

It integrates converted Documents into other online content.

It takes a little time to process and complete a conversion.

Strong Sides of OnlineOCR

OnlineOCR is well-known as an optical character recognition technology that allows you to change any image, PDF, or scanned file into a more preferable format. Let’s say that you have a table or charts in a PDF document which are not really accurate. What will you do to proceed with the necessary changes? You can transform the received document through the OCR software in order to make it editable. But there are many more positive aspects you should be familiar with.

Accessibility: You can use OnlineOCR as a registered and unregistered user. While the variety of services will be limited, the major conversion features will be accessible for everyone. 

Time-saving: The conversion process takes a few minutes. If you are lucky enough, it may take just a few seconds. Regardless of the emergency of your order, you will be satisfied with the speed of the OCR technology.

Easy navigation: With OnlineOCR, you can convert different types of files into editable and searchable formats. In a short period of time, you can deal with your conversion routine without paying a single cent.

Afforability: With OnlineOCR, you won’t need to pay for a conversion. This online service is available free of charge, while some extra features to be accessed for extra money.

Responsiveness: OnlineOCR has customer support to handle customer’s inquiries and issues. Handling any kind of request will be fast and easy. In addition, you won’t need to wait long to receive a response. An efficient customer support team ensures customer retention for any kind of purpose.

Safety: The use of OCR platform has particular risks. Fortunately, all income and outcome files processed at are marked with high safety measures. After the conversion, every single document is deleted from the website. The only exception is made for registered users who can access their converted files within one month after the actual conversion. Thus, you shouldn’t worry that a third party will get access to your data.

Final Word

Whether you need it for business or educational purposes, OCR can make your life with PDFs less complicated. By making a few simple clicks, you can access even the most complicated document. Whether it comes to word or excel, OCR will help you to see a requested document in this or that format. Being an affordable, effective, and responsive online instrument, OnlineOCR has already become a popular option among students and businesses.

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