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The Bergen GOP Fields an all Women Team for County Commissioner

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Bergen GOP fields an all women team for County Commissioner . The team is made up of Ridgewood resident Mary Jo-Ann Guinchard and Agninshalah Collins from Lyndhurst . The Duo has been seen crisscrossing the county in a campaign that celebrates every diverse destination in Bergen County .

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The pair has been spotted in Englewood, Lyndhurst , Ridgewood , Little Ferry , Fair Lawn , Northvale , Paramus , Maywood , Saddle River, Teaneck , Allendale ,Ho-Ho-Kus, Hackensack , Cliffside Park  and I am sure we missed a few.  The high energy campaign feels like a non stop party bringing much needed energy to the Bergen GOP. The Collins & Guinchard  Team  are hitting festivals, street fairs  and private events county wide with their message of “strength through unity” .

The platform :

Defend parent’s rights to direct their child’s education and promote school choice including technical, trade and vocational schools.

Reduce property taxes while improving county services.

Preserve safe communities: Support law enforcement and first responders.

Commitment to transparency, accountability and citizen input in county governance.

Enhance programs and facilities for mental health and substance abuse.

Foster and support a business climate where small businesses can thrive and grow.

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Mary Jo-Ann Guinchard

Candidate for Bergen County Commissioner

Mary Jo-Ann Guinchard (“Mary Jo”) is a resident of Ridgewood and is a former elected Mayor of the Village of Tuxedo Park (New York), a former elected Member of the Village of Tuxedo Park Board of Trustees (councilperson-equivalent) and a former Member of the Planning Board for Orange County (New York) appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the Orange County Legislature. As Mayor, Mary Jo was also a Police Commissioner. In addition to her government-related experience, Mary Jo’s lifetime career has been as a professional singer/actress. Mary Jo brings experience, a strong public-speaking background, knowledge of government and passion to the campaign for Bergen County Commissioner.

Mary Jo is originally from Dallas, Texas, where she was born and raised with 3 other siblings. She earned a Bachelor of Music (Voice Performance concentration) degree at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas and then immediately moved to New York City. While at SMU, Mary Jo joined the Actors Equity Association (AEA) union and has been a member for 43+ years. Her career as a professional singer and actress has taken her around the country. Some career highlights include La Cage Aux Folles w/Gene Barry (west coast tour), Hello Dolly w/Carol Channing (national tour), Little Me w/Donald O’Connor (regional tour), Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular, and The Last Empress (Lincoln Center and Seoul Korea Opera House).

Mary Jo met her husband Claude shortly after her arrival to New York and they married in 1984. They raised three wonderful children and built their respective careers while supporting each other. They eventually moved to Ridgewood, where they currently reside.

As a member of the actors union, Mary Jo was elected by her peers as the designated “deputy” for various companies acting as the liason between the union actors and the show’s producers. This successful experience influenced Mary Jo to eventually run for elected office as a public servant. In addition, Mary Jo has been passionately involved in community service and charitable causes throughout her adult life. Mary Jo is currently a cantor for and adult choir member at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church in Ridgewood. In addition, Mary Jo serves as a Member of the Republican County Committee representing Ridgewood.

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Agninshalah Collins

Candidate for Bergen County Commissioner

Agninshalah Collins (“Shalah”) is a resident of Lyndhurst and formerly served in the Information Technology Bureau with the New York City Police Department for 10 years. Through her service with the NYPD, Shalah worked directly in law enforcement keeping our communities safe. Shalah currently works in the insurance industry, and brings 15+ years of business management experience, public service, and dedication to serving her community to the campaign for Bergen County Commissioner.

Shalah is originally from Brooklyn, New York, where she was born and raised as part of a large family (7 brothers and 1 sister). With the passing of her father, Fred Collins, their mother and family eventually made their home in 1983 in the neighborhood of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Shalah is a compassionate person with strong family values and love of community.

While serving in the NYPD, Shalah was elected Chapter Chair for her union, Local 1549 of the District Council 37, AFSCME representing Supervising Police Communications Technicians and Police Communications Technicians. While serving at the NYPD, Shalah attended the College of New Rochelle where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. Shalah furthered her studies and received a certification in Labor Relations from the Cornell Institute for Labor Studies.

Shalah was the Communications Coordinator for a non-profit organization, In Arms Reach, Inc., based in Harlem, NY. The focus of In Arms Reach, Inc., is to provide children of incarcerated parents with mentoring, tutoring, after school programs and other activities. With her strong interpersonal and communications skills, Shalah successfully partnered with community organizations and other stakeholders for the benefit of these children and others in vulnerable communities.

Shalah is an entrepreneur as she was the founder/owner and Managing Director of Shalah’s Corner, an online store selling children’s boutique clothing. In addition, Shalah is a self-published author of a children’s book, Rascalville (2017), inspired by a real life event. Shalah’s experience working with and serving the public has been a benefit to her building relationships in the insurance industry as a commercial insurance account manager. Shalah is also a member of the Republican County Committee representing Lyndhurst.

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11 thoughts on “The Bergen GOP Fields an all Women Team for County Commissioner

  1. Agninshalah Collins for Bergen County Commissioner she know What’s needed and what’s for? She has the wisdom to know the difference. Throw her background of leadership. Great communication skills. That have a ear for what’s needed of the people of change And for our futhe the children Shalah she is the navigation For our leadership.
    For tomorrow

  2. There is no GOP in Bergen County.

  3. We need people like them who can help Ridgewood residents. Their platform states that they have a Commitment to transparency, accountability and citizen input in county governance and it is clear that we need their helps as Ridgewood residents, within Bergen County, are being mistreated by not being allowed to speak during public comments, yet a consultant is given 90 minutes to drone on endlessly about who he knows (not what he knows). This is a violation of their rights and it must be stopped. Things need to go on public record and without that people are being cheated of their right to free speech. The Mayor and his majority block cronies, all planned in advance as he supported their campaigns (Evan, Siobahn and Pam) all vote one way to support one another, and tax dollars are being severely misaligned to cater to the sports machine special interests as pressure and perhaps pay to play might be in place. This is becoming increasingly obvious and Matt Rogers is simply a rubber stamp for this council. We can also perhaps assume that Keith Kazmark, the new Village Manager will also be a rubber stamp as he

    1. Pam, Even and Wine O Grad we’re told, agree with whatever Paul wants to do, or forget his blessing and backing during their next election .

      Matt and Keith are absolutely Rubber Stamps

  4. These two ladies are so committed to Bergen county and their enthusiasm is over pouring. They care, are fiscally responsible, and really nice people. If you haven’t met them, I highly suggest you do so! It’s HIGH time to create some much-needed balance on the z county Commission (aka formerly known as “Freeholders”)! No one party should ever rule 100%. These two women are the perfect candidates to create honesty and more balance!

    1. Downward thumb????? What dont you agree with ??

      1. hooray 4 diversity

    2. Thank you for explaining that ‘commissioner’ is the new term for ‘freeholder’.

  5. “Shalah was the Communications Coordinator for a non-profit organization, In Arms Reach, Inc., based in Harlem, NY. The focus of In Arms Reach, Inc., is to provide children of incarcerated parents with mentoring, tutoring, after school programs and other activities”


  6. and we are cheering this why?

    No men?

    No Diversity?

    No Equality?

    Wake up people.
    It;s all BS.
    Its just a POWER TRANSFER… NOT “equality” or “fairness” or equity” or any other label you want to hang on it.

  7. Congrats to these two ladies for running for county commissioner under the “Leopards Eating People’s Faces” Party.

    As evidenced by the commenters here, surely THEIR faces won’t get eaten.

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