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The Definitive Verdict on the Failure of COVID Lockdowns

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Ridgewood NJ, more news on the disastrous handling of COVID, a new book by Steve Hanke, Jonas Herby, and Lars Jonung has been released by the Institute for Economic Affairs in London confirms that  lockdowns were a catastrophic failure. Titled Did Lockdowns Work? The Verdict on Covid Restrictions, the book examines the best empirical evidence on lockdowns.

According to Steve Hanke of Johns Hopkins:

“When it comes to COVID, epidemiological models have many things in common: dubious assumptions, hair-raising predictions of disaster that miss the mark, and few lessons learned. “The science of lockdowns is clear; the data are in: the lives saved were a drop in the bucket compared to the staggering collateral costs imposed.”

Governor Phil Murphy has not been interested in talking about the 7,000 people who died in nursing homes, elder care facilities, long term care facilities and state-run veterans homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Those deaths were a result of an order by New Jersey Department of Health Commissioner Judith Persichili’s March 29th order to those facilities to not turn down COVID-19 positive patients. 

This chart shows how badly Neil Ferguson’s infamous Imperial College London model missed: the model predicted lockdowns would avoid 1.7 to 2.1 million COVID deaths. The study finds the actual reduction in COVID deaths associated with lockdowns was 4,300 to 15,600.


The full book is available for download here:

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  1. Trump’s 2nd mistake – caving in to calls for a shutdown…

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