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The End of the NFL

Colin Kaepernick

September 24,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Washington DC, President Donald Trump took to Twitter again on Saturday to continue his attacks on NFL players protesting the national anthem.”If a player wants the privilege of making millions of dollars in the NFL, or other leagues, he or she should not be allowed to disrespect our Great American Flag (or Country) and should stand for the National Anthem,” Trump tweeted. “If not, YOU’RE FIRED. Find something else to do!”

Earlier President Trump started his war of words with the NFL national anthem protesters setting off a firestorm , “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, he’s fired. He’s fired!”

President Trump  has gone as far as to say NFL fans should stop going to football games until players who kneel during the national anthem are suspended or fired.

Owners, players and media continue to defend the players actions ,while rating plummet and stadiums sit empty . The NFL seems to want to demand respect , while disrespecting . The right to protest and dissent is fundamental to the American way of life ,but so are the consequences of that protest.

While players feel that they have a right to give voice to past and present perceived injustices most fans see little more than a bunch of over paid athletes complaining about making far to much money.  Like Entertainers , who are generally valued for their their talent not their  political acumen most fans wish the players would just play football .

Recent revaluations about concussions have already done serious damage to the NFL brand casting a shadow over the leagues long term viability , but now the leagues efforts to alienate their fan base looks to be putting the final nails in the coffin .

18 thoughts on “The End of the NFL

  1. …and now idiots in MLB are starting to kneel.
    Baseball will fall next.
    FWIW, Steinbrenner would never put up with this BS.

  2. I agree with President Trump, everyone should stand, it’s respect

  3. I just love watching these idiots completely destroy what’s left of the NFL.
    Being in the ad biz I had a front row seat during the sales process over the summer as space was being sold for this seasons programming. It was the first time EVER that slots went unsold. Say good bye to the NFL…it’s happening right before your eyes.

  4. It has unfortunately been seized upon by the Left and the MSM as part of their constant Trump attacks. Just click on right now, or at any time. It’s a collection of anti-Trump pieces dressed up as news.

  5. Trump takes more time disparaging people exercising their constitutional right to peaceful protest than denouncing white supremacist. He’s a disgrace.

  6. Revelations not revaluation. Also if you want a lesson in how to destroy a football league just research how trump destroyed the USFL practically singled handedly.

  7. @5.59pm: Do you feel the same way about people exercising their Constitutional rights by trying the give Conservative speeches at colleges, white supremacists marching, and owning firearms? Or is it just the actions that support leftist causes, like burning flags or disrespecting ouranthem?

  8. I have,absolutely no problem saying I do not support white supremacist and more importantly white supremacist with guns. Point to the flag burning at NFL games by the players. There is none. These men are simply using their celebrity status to point out the problems of race disparity in this country. And they are doing it legally, peacefully and in a dignified manner. Not marching through campuses carry torches and Nazi flags.

  9. There doing it on company time. That’s the point… If you worked for me and did that bullshit, you would be gone in a heartbeat. You can use your right to free speech off the clock. The sheer number of boos tells me that supporters of this so-called protest are the absolute minority. I must say this is great for trump and anyone who really hates the left. The more he exposes the left as anti-american the more they become alienated in politics. They have yet to gain a win in nearly a year since the election even with a complete mess of white house.

  10. @10,28pm: So, Constition aside then, do you agree with the actions taken by these athletes?

  11. There are other ways to protest but disrespecting the flag so many have fought and died for is crap. How many of these high paid athletes served this country? Only a small number. How long do the fans keep supporting this nonsense you can hardly afford to go and watch a game ( $12 dollar beers and $6 hot dogs and let’s not forget the parking ) half these clowns taking a knee should use there talent and dollars to help there people out. I’ll be staying home I won’t support these big money crybabies.

  12. sorry Iam not racist, bjut a proud person from a military family all these people disrespect this country and the flag, so many mend and women died trting to defend her, all you liberals saying this okay, you all should be shipped to Northt Korea,Iraq . etc, you wouldn’t last 1dayfighting, you are the people destroying this counrtry

  13. This all started with the divisive America hating racist Obama.

  14. @10:28 (aka @5:59) shows her Fascist attitudes again… and sadly doesn’t recognize them as such.
    BTW 10:28/5:59… are you a product of a RW education?

  15. What are you thoughts on Antifa @5:59?
    Are you good with goons in masks. carrying clubs, beating up people, throwing garbage cans through windows and trying to burn down school buildings?

  16. I’m really not sure how they can compare the fight for racial equality with kneeing the flag? They obviously have the right to freely express their ideas but showing hostility to the flag of the country they freely choose to live in is a bit much. Surely there are other ways to try to make a change. This way just angers people as it has absolutely nothing to do with racial rights and everything to do with loyalty to the country in which they live.

  17. The Left is doubling and tripling down on stupid. They learned nothing from the last election (yeah, yeah, yeah, popular vote … like that means anything). The Left backing these millionaire athletes is just a further case of alienating the working classes and the swing voters that decide Presidents, Governors, and Congress/Senate seats. Instead of moving the Democrat dial where it used to be, just a little left of center, they are seen by many as the party of traitors, flag burners, anti-business anarchists, animal rights activists, Occupy Wall Street, and just about ever other lunatic fringe group.

  18. Unfortunately there is some truth in 4:41 pm’s statement. Obama was a lousy president whose legacy is Obamacare & bringing in a racial tone into his presidency as his wifey & kids galavanted shopping in Paris at gov’t expense. Trump should have let it die out but now hopefully it will destroy a sport wher the participants think they are winners in the obscene version of Dancing with the stars. They are a distraction & totally take the fun out
    of sports watching. When not dole
    out all those big bucks to the inner
    cities & just keep a small working
    stipend? Anyway, get rid of them all as they are incredibly boring!!!

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