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The League of Women Voters Sponsors a Ridgewood Village Council Candidates’ Night

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Ridgewood NJ, October 19th – 7:00 p.m. – Ridgewood Village Hall Court Room – The League of Women Voters sponsors a Candidates’ Night for Candidates for Village Council – Come and listen to the candidates for Village Council answer questions posed by the League of Women Voters.  This will be broadcast on FiOS Channel 34, and on YouTube.

November’s election will determine whether Ridgewood will continue its long decline or start to move forward and reclaim some of its former glory  with adult planning replacing egregious self interest.
All candidates must answer the following questions in order to be taken seriously :
1) How much money are you willing to accept for your campaign from developers ?
2) Have you and any member of your family been promised a discounted rent or any other incentive in a new development ?
3) Are you currently having an adult relationship with any other council members, candidates, media personalities, Village employees , or former Village employees ?
4) Are you willing to put the interests of the Village of Ridgewood over the interest of any state or local political party or political action committee or political agenda outside of the Village of Ridgewood ?
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5 thoughts on “The League of Women Voters Sponsors a Ridgewood Village Council Candidates’ Night

  1. The League of Women Voters (LWV) is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization working to protect and EXPAND VOTING RIGHTS.

    One candidate is the former Director of the Ridgewood LWV chapter . Said candidate led the charge to eliminate your RIGHT TO VOTE.

    Questions to the candidates will be asked by the LWV….. any obvious conflict of interest here?

    If this election is to be taken seriously, allow the voters to ask the candidates questions.

  2. What a joke
    Let the voters ask the questions

    This will be a night of soft toss to W and W.

  3. I’ve watched enough of their debates over the years to realize that The League of Women Voters is a bunch of partisan hacks.

    It’s Settled Science.

  4. Very true, more bull crap.
    Time for all new members .and new top brass too. Clean house.

  5. Not sure who coached the mayor tonight but her bully ball approach back fired and Jim van Goors was worse.

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