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The Ridgewood Arts Council is sponsoring four public art installations in Ridgewood’s Business District.

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Ridgewood NJ,  during the COVID crisis, several creative individuals  had a revolutionary meeting of the minds. This week their shared vision of fusing public art into Ridgewood’s downtown will come to fruition. Sean Flanagan of the Ridgewood Arts Council  and Bill Carbone, a prolific volunteer, will install the fourth and final painting in the villages’ business district on Saturday, June 19, at Pearl Restaurant.  

Sean Flanagan, a member of the Ridgewood Arts Council, said, “We all felt that one of the ways  you measure the character of a community is by its public commitment to the arts. Not as a  luxury but as a commitment to the belief that the desire to make and experience art is a basic part  of human nature, without which our sense of community with other citizens is weakened.”  

Other installations are located at Ridgewood Cycle Shop on North Broad Street, Rossi’s Paints  on Chestnut Street, and The Play House in Wilsey Square.  

“The paintings will help distinguish Ridgewood as a cultural village.” said Jeanne Johnson, a  resident who spearheaded the initiative, “Aside from the beauty, there are many advantages.  These public art pieces will encourage walking throughout the central business district and the  west village. Walkers seeking to discover the murals will also encounter shops and café’s which  will promote retail sales and a familiarity with the neighborhood.” Participants are encouraged to  take photos of the pieces and post them on the Ridgewood Walks Facebook group. Sherry Frank,  the co-chair of the Ridgewood Arts Council, said, “We are grateful to the artists who created 

these masterpieces. We hope the paintings will create a sense of pride for all, as well as an  introduction to the Ridgewood Arts Council.” 

The new public art is freely accessible and adds an identity to the village. The project was funded  by donations from Home Depot and Rossi Paint Stores. Matt Rossi, the store owner, said, “As  the only locally owned paint store in Ridgewood, and as a resident with children entering the  Ridgewood public school system this fall, I was ecstatic that Rossi Paint Stores and Benjamin  Moore paints could be involved. We look forward to collaborating on future mural projects in the  village. Stop by and see us on Chestnut Street!” 

The artists did a superb job of capturing the spirit and personality of the downtown. Retired art  teacher from Ridgewood Public Schools, Judy Malhotra, designed the piece at the Cycle shop.  Elsa Carbone, a fifty-year resident of the village who is also a sculptor and former art teacher at  Midland Park, High School, created the bold piece at the entrance to Rossi Paints. Two  Ridgewood High School students, Kirsten Tiangco and Talia Hutchinson designed the Pearl  Restaurant and The Play House pieces.  

There will be an “Art Around Town Tour” on Saturday, June 26, at 3:30 to unveil the exhibit.  The sign to attend up can be found at 

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  1. I started a program named “art in our town” years ago and at one point had many businesses participating and donating money for the students artwork to hang in their businesses. The money earned was given to a senior art student for a scholarship.

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