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the Ridgewood Blog Endorses Scott Garrett

Scott Garrett

November 6,2016

PJ Blogger and the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, in a recent editorial in the Glen Rock Patch former Ridgewood Mayor Paul Aronsohn gave Congressmen Scott Garrett a Negative Endorsement .

What’s a  Negative Endorsement you ask ? A Negative Endorsement is a when a disreputable person with dubious motives supports a candidate making the candidate they support even less desirable.

Aronsohn started with the usual,  “On a whole range of issues, he has taken positions that are extreme and completely out-of-sync with the mainstream values of northern New Jersey. This was true when I ran against him in 2006. This is still true today. In fact, he often takes positions that are out-of-sync with the other 11 members of the New Jersey delegation — democrats as well as republicans.”

Garrett is “out-of-sync”,says the man who tried to sell out the whole Village of Ridgewood  to hand full of developers .
Garrett is “out-of-sync”, says the man who every single candidate he supported in the last election lost in a massive landslide .
Garrett is “out-of-sync”, despite the fact he beat Aronsohn easily and has been reelected over and over by New Jersey Voters .
Garrett is “out-of-sync” , says the man who tried to blame PSEG Super Storm Sandy and pissed them off so much they cut power to the Village Hall .

Maybe Garrett is not “out-of-sync”, maybe Mr Ex Mayor , you are “out-of-sync” and a sore loser . To many in the Village of Ridgewood Aronsohn and his cronies represented the low water mark in Village history.

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch once said, “If you agree with me on nine out of 12 issues, vote for me. If you agree with me on 12 out of 12 issues, see a psychiatrist.”

I have always felt this was good advice and perhaps the Ex Mayor could seek some professional help.

Scott Garrett is a soft-spoken policy wonk , contrary to poor and biased coverage he receives from much of New Jersey’s Democratic and Union controlled  media  he is no “Right-wing firebrand”.

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Garrett actually read Dodd-Frank all 2000 plus pages.  I know not very glamorous , but what is glamorous is all the work Scott has done on making “CrowdFunding ” easier. Easy enough to have a Pizza Shop in Ridgewood rebuilt because of Indego. On a larger scale, many entrepreneurs can now raise capital independently on Wall Street Investment banks .

Scott has also pushed back on the “too big to fail” , which contrary to media coverage this has made him a target of Wall Street  and a target of Real-estate interests . Do you really think all banks should be entitled to taxpayer bailouts and for that matter, Dodd-Frank makes many key industries in the US “too big to fail” creating a “bailout nation”.

To quote former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan , as a policy “too big to fail” creates a”moral hazard”. Meaning the risk in the USA is socialized while profits and concentrated on the politically favored.

Garrett has been attacked repeatedly on his supposed “anti-gay “comments , his offices have even been the target of media coordinated , media and Democrat orchestrated fake protests . No evidence has ever been offered as to these comments ,no tapes, video , pictures  or transcripts ,nothing period.

While  his Clintonista challenger Josh Gottheimer has accepted money from wife beaters , Saudi Arabia , disgraced ex-congressmen and every industry looking to get on the taxpayer bailout band wagon.
The reality is Garrett is conservative yes , and while he is the incumbent he is also a Washington outsider . He opposes wasteful spending ,no matter what the cost and most importantly he is what he is and makes no representation otherwise .
He proved right to be skeptical on Obamacare, and the Iranian Nuke deal, as well as the management of disaster aid .
This is why once again the Ridgewood blog endorses and will continue to endorse Scott Garrett .

4 thoughts on “the Ridgewood Blog Endorses Scott Garrett

  1. I endorse the election of Josh Gottheimer. You know he was a speechwriter for Bill Clinton, he has raised a LOT of money, The Record is in love with him, and he has the affection of Tim Eustace.

  2. Who does the Ridgewood Blog endorse for president?

  3. Who cares?

  4. I endorse scott Garrett a real fiscal conservative.
    Josh gottheimer is a democratic machine puppets and a ducking low life liar.

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