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the Ridgewood Blog is Sad to Report The Village of Ridgewood Has Cut Down the “Money Tree”

Ridgewood's Iconic Sycamore Tree on the island at Graydon Pool is dying

where the hell is the secret money Tree in RIDGEWOOD…It’s on the island in the middle of Graydon… and they’re cutting it down.



9 thoughts on “the Ridgewood Blog is Sad to Report The Village of Ridgewood Has Cut Down the “Money Tree”

  1. Unnecessary. Expensive. Harmful. Typical.

  2. Sad and disgusting. Jerks.

  3. The present council is worse than the previous. The past council was open about how they wanted to destroy everything about the town that made it unique and charming. This council is devious and destructive. Watch them tear away at the islands around the train station next. And dig deep because parking meters will demand your coin from 8 a.m to 9 p.m. to fund an ugly , muggers paradise parking garage. I can just read the headlines now. Train riders robbed, injured, late at night coming home from NYC on train and getting their car from top floor of expensive garage. Expensive garage will have garbage strewn around and taxpayers will have to pay for the clean every day. Meanwhile the employee parking lot at Cottage Place is always empty, only a few cars parked there. What wonderful planning by the council. THE PAST COUNCIL KEPT TAXES DOWN. Not with this stupid council. Remember , never say never, I thought I would never vote for Aronsohn and gang, but I will next time. At least I will know what I am getting. Disappointment is too painful.

  4. How much did it cost to cut down. Hollows in sycamore do not signify tree is dying.

    Remember Ridgewood residents, you are not permitted to cut down trees in your own yard without asking for permission. The council made that law. BRAVE NEW RIDGEWOOD. (Brave New World)

  5. Nice try 10:18am, but this Council has a LONG way to drop before they make Ridgewood residents pine for the “good old Aronsohn days.” You kind of jumped the shark on that proposition, NFN!

  6. 10.18. I agree with most of what you say but not voting for Aronsohn. I won’t vote at all. Now I have understood what RW politicians are made of, it is NJ after all. They can tear their pie anyway they want but I won’t support any of them. This town is on the path of no return. Whoever thinks that raising voice works is a classic naive. I really expected much more from Susan Knudsen but she turned out to be a huge disappointment.

  7. Tree is still there. Who saw it being cut???

  8. Another hostage to the Rot….

  9. The tree is there. Fake news…

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