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The Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce and The Ridgewood Guild Team up to Create a more Connected and Vibrant Ridgewood Community

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August 30,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, There are two events coming up in the Village. These events are designed to help us create a more connected and vibrant community. Numerous organizations are collaborating on this effort. The Village of Ridgewood has given their endorsement as has the Chamber of Commerce and The Ridgewood Guild.

The first event is a forum which will be held at the Ridgewood Public Library the evening of September 26. It is titled, Moving Forward Together: Fostering a Pedestrian Friendly Community. There are several panelists who will speak about the benefits of experiencing our village on foot. When we encourage residents to walk whenever possible we strengthen our bond as a community, we add to our personal health and well-being and we create a safer environment for pedestrians.

The second event is a village-wide, month-long walking initiative that will take place during October titled Walktoberfest. Guided walks are being scheduled to entice residents to learn more about our village and its businesses. There will be historic, architectural, food, fashion, beauty, parks, interfaith and municipal building tours available.

4 thoughts on “The Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce and The Ridgewood Guild Team up to Create a more Connected and Vibrant Ridgewood Community

  1. Great!!

    But I don’t think Ridgewoodians will abandon their favorite hobby: Driving an SUV or huge Van while gazing down at their cell/smart phone.

    Yesterday one of those gals was stopped at a red light staring down; when light turned green she didn’t notice at first, when she finally noticed she looked up for a split second; resumed driving with her head back down eyes fixed on her phone. WHERE? At that infamous intersection at Maple and Linwood. She was heading east and I was heading west. Never the twain shall meet.

  2. More Agenda 21 anti-car propaganda.

  3. RW is a bit schizophrenic, don’t you think?
    On the one hand it’s pushing/building a Ginormous Garage to get more cars into town,
    while simultaneously
    pushing a walking agenda and painting green bike lanes to nowhere to impede and frustrate drivers so the don’t want to come into town.
    conflicted much?

  4. The garage serves a purpose for commuters and visitors to our town. It is easy to come to our town if you know you will have a place to park. Nothing schizophrenic about that. It is common sense.

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