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The Ridgewood Planning Board : The Digital Billboard Matter Carried until May

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,  according to sources the Planning Board Meeting went well. The Digital  Billboard was last on the agenda so the Planning Board  only heard one witness. The Matter was carried until May.

A reader told the Ridgewood blog :

“People seem to think that this will not affect actual Ridgewood residents. Actually, there is a large section of Ridgewood across Route 17 on the North side. The Glen School and Schedler area. The proposed height of the bill board seems to be actually higher than the sound barriers directly across from it so it will be beaming into our second story windows. Also, there is a whole newer area on Race Track road that has no sound barriers so they will have absolutely no protection against those powerful, shifting lights. Those of you who are concerned about the effect of the athletic field lights, consider those field lights as massively larger, massively brighter, in motion, and on 24 hours a day. The billboard will also cause our property values to drop further than being on route 17 does already. Who wants to live with the front, or back of their house fully brightly lighted 24 hours a day?

Please consider notifying members of the Board that this is just not acceptable near homes IN RIDGEWOOD that will be severely affected by their decision. Thank you.”


“When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies?”

Don Quixote

14 thoughts on “The Ridgewood Planning Board : The Digital Billboard Matter Carried until May

  1. Too much junk and distractions on Route 17 to begin with. Don’t need another one.

  2. It will be approved. Just follow the money. Wink wink

  3. The billboard is actually a great idea and the location and route 17 makes sense. It might make sense to add a few more bill boards, it would be a great way to generate money for the town that isn’t from property taxes.

  4. The NIMBY crowd in ridgewood will whine about anything. The billboard won’t negatively affect anyone or anything. They exist all over the country.

  5. Don’t want a billboard in your town? Then don’t move to a town with a busy vehicular highway running through it.

  6. If revenue is what you’re after, then set up a toll plaza on 17 where it enters Rwood. Council members share 10%.

  7. Billboards at the train station in Ridgewood would be ok, all the riders on NJ Transit would see them.

  8. This is so stupid. Can we not have any integrity left. Whoever is piling all this garbage into ridgewood should go pick on another town. We are not Hackensack or Hoboken. Stop comparing us to them and trying to make us a mini city!

    It goes both ways…if you didn’t want a small town feel with charm and integrity then you shouldn’t move to ridgewood. Not the other way around!!! Stop trying to change Ridgewood!!! Too much damage done already!

    1. agreed. all the new yorkers and montclair exiles ruin this place

  9. Ridgewood is a budget friendly town (relative to NJ) with mass transit, a major highway, as previously stated above, running through it, and it’s right outside Paterson.

    The people in Ridgewood must be delusional thinking they live in a quaint, exclusive, small town. It’s 20 miles from midtown Manhattan. High density housing should be built around train stations, which they are doing, and it makes sense and is great. People that don’t like it can drop the pretentious act and cough up the cash and move to Saddle River and purchase a small estate with acres to buffer them from others.

  10. Is that you Nick?

  11. A great many people seem to have an opinon on this.

    Let’s all remember to be business friendly through these dark times.

  12. The residents of Leonia are in the same situation. The proposed billboard for Leonia would be 960 square foot double sided plus 500 feet away from the nearest resident.We are trying to fight this but the lawyers are powerful.These billboard do not produce revenue for the town. The town actually losses money by the lowering of the property value due to the billboard.The American Associates of realtors claim properties near a billboard will see a 30 per cent reduction in value.
    Nobody wants to live with this looming on top of their heads.

  13. Billboards greatly benefit small businesses. Some land use and real professionals say that a billboard can greatly enhance property values. Towns make money, small businesses are helped, everyone wins with intelligently placed billboards. Route 17 is an intelligent location for a billboard in Ridgewood.

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