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The Ridgewood Wildscape Association Scheduling a Walk for Sunday, May 7 at the Schedler Property

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Members living in Ridgewood and beyond:

The Ridgewood Wildscape Association was formed for three purposes, see our website: ( one of them “to understand the value of open space” .
Many of you are aware of the “newest battle of the Revolution”:  the battle to put a sports complex at the Schedler property(W Saddle River Road).

Wildscape officers are 100% opposed to this.
 There was an earlier agreed-upon plan, with an official resolution in 2018 to place a mid-sized soccer field, walking paths, restrooms, etc.. and trees to help reduce highway noise and pollution.
The historic house, which was a good distance from the medium sized field, was set to be a community center for the East Side and others. As many trees as possible were to be saved. This was a compromise between the residents, the Council and the sports groups.
But immediately upon taking office, the majority of the newly elected Council(despite promises to honor the plan) passed a new resolution last week to put in a full sized field with plans for more, with most of the trees cut down.  Also a planned walking path for residents and visitors, wide enough for a stroller will be turned into a track close to the large field.
However it turns out this large  field comes  too close to the House, which was granted County, State and Federal Historic Status. This will encroach upon the house, thus conflicting with the historic guarantees . The State Historical Preservation Office opposed this larger field which should have been enough.
But our new Council is attempting to remove this guarantee, so this sports complex can be built.
It appears that many residents have never even been to Schedler so we are scheduling a walk for Sunday,May 7, at 11AM (it is earlier than our usual time).
Sandy Antista Pres
Ellie Gruber V-P and Secy
20230415 115101

26 thoughts on “The Ridgewood Wildscape Association Scheduling a Walk for Sunday, May 7 at the Schedler Property

  1. Great initiative. I love this idea!! We cannot have a proclamation on trees at the Village Council meeting and be recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree City in the USA and then look to cut them down for a regulation size ball field that encroaches on the historic home. It just doesn’t make sense!!

  2. Awesome…every resident opposed to the new plan and the re-trading by our current council (minus 1) should attend this walk and see the Schedler property. Lets show the Council -1, the RBSA and the Maroon “Bergen County” Soccer Club how a village comes together in support of their neighbors.

  3. The trees on the Schedler property are beautiful. There are animals that live there and it is a buffer to the toxic chemicals coming off of Route 17 for those neighbors. The Village of Ridgewood needs those trees! You can’t talk about planting trees all over town and then justify cutting down beautiful trees to have a sport complex on a historic property that was established in 1825. It makes no sense.

    1. Council person Winograd spoke at length about April is month of tree 🌳 lanting all while pushing for 7 acres of trees to be cut down… Then Peron went on to push for no mow May.

      Do they realize how hypocritical they are?

      1. They do not care and makes me wonder why the the reversal of what was campaigned on day 1. They want to overturn everything that is not finalized from the previous council. Shelter to glen Ave pedestrian walkway.

  4. Fast Eddie has been pushing for this behind the scenes.

    1. Who is Fast Eddie?

      1. tricky Edna’s boyfriend

  5. 25 hours to the next Village Council meeting !

  6. I guess a lot of free dinners or hand it out tonight

  7. Bring the Recall Paul petition and a clipboard, please

    1. I need to get mine and wife name on that petition.

  8. In 2008, Open Space Committee urged Village to acquire Schedler property, warning that “if the property is acquired by a private developer, the Village will face the possibility of a ‘builder remedy’ suit forcing the Village to accept high-density multi-family residential development of the property including affordable housing units”

    Open Space Committee provided Council with report recommending that “the initial development [of Schedler property] consist of a parking lot, a baseball diamond and overlay multipurpose field (without lights or restrooms), with the remainder of property left as passive recreation space with wooded areas and a disabled-accessible (ADA compliant), senior-friendly paved walking path around the perimeter”

    In 2009, Village purchased Schedler property for $2.7 million with grants from the Bergen County Open Space Trust Fund

    In 2015, Council passed resolution adopting Open Space Committee’s recommendation for passive and active park that included playground, walking path, 90 ft. baseball diamond, and a 120 x 75 yd. multi-purpose field. Resolution also provided road map for stabilization and possible restoration of Schedler house.

    1. What are you trying to say ?

    2. So sorry but I get concerned when people try to tell a story without all of the pertinent facts. So to provide a much needed update since you left off at 2015, An Ah-Hoc committee was formed in 2017, which included a number of people, neighbors, concerned parties and Siobahn Winograd’s husband for the record. In 2017, the Council rescinded 2015 resolution, deciding instead to re-analyze the proposed plan for Schedler, and appointed this Ad Hoc Committee to propose a development plan. The Committee was Inclusive, collaborative and transparent process. Their findings:
      □ No sport is in danger of collapsing without additional space, but
      each sport is currently materially limited and operating under
      sub-optimal conditions due to field limits and field quality
      □ The majority of the participation in Ridgewood sports is pre high school
      □ Participation in meetings from Ridgewood Lacrosse,
      Football, Baseball/Softball, Soccer, Hockey
      Committee recommends building a
      □ Field will be multipurpose and will benefit multiple Village
      sports groups, primarily at the pre-high school age groups
      with aggregate total of participation of approximately 1,000
      Ridgewood youth
      The recommendation, after all of the research, was to build a 75 by 50 yard field and it was also strongly recommended that a coconut based FieldTurf CoolPlay, an artificial grass surface that allows for significantly more use; has no exposed rubber; remains significantly cooler than other artificial grass surfaces; maintains green, manicured appearance; and is economically sensible.

      This plan is the one that was approved Prior to the latest resolution where they “cherry picked” and basically caved in to the sports machine. The Village Engineer had to do exhaustive updates to make it a full size regulation turf field despite the fact that he has said on record based on numerous meetings with the State, “every blade of grass and every rock are historic-encroachment on the house and turf will not be approved by SHPO.

  9. Do it for the kids !

    Do it for the 3K people that lost their lives on 9-11 !


    Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and gyros !

    1. Yeah like the RBSA guy who came in his uniform and proclaimed that it should be named “anything but Schedler”. And brought up 9 11 victims which has nothing (as in No Thing) to do whatsoever with that area. I think this is highly insensitive and devalues these poor families who actually lost a loved one. Very devisive and obviously not a very bright light in our community if you ask me.

    2. I would’ve laughed at this if you hadn’t mentioned the world trade center… Bad call. It could’ve been a good bit otherwise. 🫤
      I might even be able to make a good guess about who this anonymous poster is… You’ve got a flair that’s becoming recognizable. I say that as a compliment, with the exception of the world trade center thing…😡

  10. The Village bought the property. There was always going to be a field. Just like at Habernickel.

    The alternative should be to sell it to a developer. Would bring a lot of money in todays market.

    1. we could still sell it for profit and future tax revenue from whoever develops it

    2. The region is fat with commercial properties. I know of a regional property that was expected to sell for between $40 – $50 million and has garnered offers of between $10-$12 million. Additionally, R’wood would have to give back all of the grant money they have received thereby reducing any benefit that may be accrued from the sale.

    3. I’m almost certain there was a Green Acres component used to finance the purchase. That changes the rules. I would think at very least if efforts were taken to sell it commercially that full restitution would have to be made back to the green acres fund. Who knows if there would be a fine some kind of interest payment on the $ amount for such behavior, it could get very complicated. Maybe I’m totally off/wrong on that but the Council would know very well.

  11. You can’t just ignore a grant. It’s fraud and it has consequences. Just give up, people, and let it be a natural park.

  12. Hoping the Wildscape group will provide driving directions, parking information, and a specific meeting spot. Thank you.

    1. Please join the Wildscape walk at Schedler, it is right on the property (you can’t miss it). Take the exit is right off of Route 17 North which is the West Saddle River Road exit. Address for the actual property is 460 West Saddle River Road to the left as soon as you come off of Rt. 17. Parking is available on the street as the property does not currently have parking. Hope you are able to attend along with anyone who is interested in seeing what the Schedler property consists of. Thank you.


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