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The Saddle River Covered Bridge Promises to be an Iconic Landmark

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photos courtesy of Mayor Kurpis

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Saddle River NJ, the Saddle River Covered Bridge is finally coming about. The bridge will connect 10+ acres of unused landlocked land to the beautiful Rindlaub Park. According to Saddle River Mayor Kurpis the borough  is exploring several amenities, such as River view, sculptures, bird watching, fishing, walking trail, etc.

The Saddle River Covered Bridge should be ready in a few weeks. The roof is installed . Mayor Kurpis is hard at work lending a hand . A significant portion of the funding came from the county and private donations . The Saddle River Covered Bridge promises to be an iconic landmark for residents .

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9 thoughts on “The Saddle River Covered Bridge Promises to be an Iconic Landmark

  1. Very cool !

  2. Very cool !

    Where is Tedesco ?

    Where is Whistleblower Guy ?

    1. Right! Tedesco missed a photo op?? Must have been snacking

  3. Looks great

  4. When is the village going to reopen the bridge on the east road. It’s only been three years. That was damage in 1999 when we had storm Floyd.

  5. Meanwhile in Ridgewood: three stooges serving as Council majority, a useless Village Manager that refuses to take action against the corruption cancer (Village Staff) destroying everything in its path.

  6. From what we can see I think we should just call up the county to take over. Residents see what’s going on. It’s really embarrassing. The village used to be leaders not anymore.

  7. You notice no one’s even parking in the garage. We went past Saturday evening my God maybe there was 20 cars inside. This is a disaster.
    I think the village taxpayers deserve to know what the revenue is from the parking authority. We would all love to know that number.

  8. Meanwhile our pedestrian bridge on these road is a disaster. It’s been falling apart for the past 20 years they keep on saying they have no funds for that. If you watch your spending areas village have enough funds it’s embarrassing talking about spending millions of millions on W. Saddle River Rd., Park ,field, walking trails, old farmhouse, buying more property . If you live on the other side of E. Saddle River Rd., the kids can’t even get to utilize the new park because the bridge is not functioning, you need to go to Hohokus and loop around real safe.

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