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The Simplest Outdoor Tips That Will Ensure Your Safety and Survival

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Outdoor adventures are an excellent source of fun, adventure, and relaxation. Since you will be away from the busy, noisy, and chaotic environment we are exposed to every day at the office or home, it reconditions your wellness physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether you are hunting, hiking, camping, or biking, spending time in the great outdoors allows you to reconnect with Mother Nature and explore what she has to offer. This is not to forget the opportunity to learn, meet new people, make new friends, and create lasting relationships. 

However, safety is a common challenge among outdoor enthusiasts, especially for first-timers traversing unfamiliar territory. The weather can catch you unprepared, for instance, due to unavoidable circumstances such as your car breaking down. Depending on the adventure or location, wild animals are also constant threats. We can’t also rule out the possibility of encounters with fierce locals in some areas. In these and other scenarios, having some outdoor survival tips could come in handy. Before you embark on that trip, here are some basic tips that could ensure your safety and survival while on an outdoor adventure. 

1. Shelter Tips 

The outdoor environment can be quite unfriendly at times. There are many things out there you need to be careful with. The temperature won’t be favorable either during the day or at night, for instance. This is why you need a shelter just in case it gets tough. You should possess the skills to set up a simple structure that will protect you from hypothermia during the nights, especially when camping or backpacking. In this case, Jima Parson recommends arming yourself with a proper shelter when going camping, just in case the unforeseen happens. This means investing in a quality emergency tent that preferably fits in your backpack. It helps you preserve the heat when you need it most, so you don’t die out there in the woods. A good model will even protect you from other elements such as rain and frost during the day.

If you don’t have one, you can use the available materials in nature. For instance, you can use tree branches to build the framework and sticks to fill in the gaps, adding insulation using broad leaves on top. It is good to have the same insulation on the ground. Remember, the thicker the insulation the better your shelter will perform.

2. Finding Water 

Needless to mention, water is one of the things that sustain our life-force as humans. Regardless of where you are, this is the most important thing you need to find and preserve. In most cases, the outdoor environment won’t be as familiar as your home or neighborhood. When out there in the wild, you need to seek a water source, so you know where to head when you run out of it. If it isn’t readily available, you can improvise. You can collect rainwater, melt snow or dig up underground water depending on where you are. It is always best to bring a few huge bottles of fresh drinking water to last you throughout your stay.

3. Keeping Calm 

Survival in the outside environment may depend on your ability to control your emotions and avoid panicking. You have a better chance of surviving out there if you can manage to focus on maintaining positivity and a proactive attitude. It is said that determination is the only thing that stands between you surviving or not surviving. In a situation where you need to survive, your primal instincts kick in reflexively. The mind and body will work towards ensuring you survive. So, this is the moment to maintain a positive attitude and look for ways to survive.

4. Creating a Fire 

Having a fire around you has several benefits. First, it will help keep you warm and light up the surroundings for you. You will as well be able to cook or roast some dinner for your belly. If you are in the wilderness, the fire helps keep away predators. Animals might be attracted to light, but they are smart enough not to come near a fire. With a piece of glowing wood, you can keep away even the fiercest beast. This, however, calls for great courage. Finally, it can help you signal for help using smoke in case the situation becomes intense.

5. Creating a Spear 

Finally, the skills to make a spear can also keep you alive in the woods. A spear doubles up as a protective and hunting weapon. It can help you find game food or defend yourself from imminent threats. All you need is to pick a long straight stick and split it at one of the ends to create a fork-like piece. Separate the fork-like part with a wedge and sharpen each of them using your survival knife.

The great outdoors is irresistible, especially during warm weather. However, we can’t ignore the fact that there are a few dangers lurking out there. The above tips can help keep you safe and ensure your survival in the outdoors.

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