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The Village Council Meeting to Determine the Future Direction of Ridgewood

cillage council meeting Ridgewood

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The Village Council Meeting of  March 23rd will be held at the Campus Center of the Ridgewood High School, located at 627 East Ridgewood Avenue.

Match 23,2016

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Ridgewood NJ , The March 23rd Work Session meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m.   During the Work Session there will be a Special Public Meeting for the Public Hearings and vote on the multi-family housing ordinances as well as a public hearing and vote on the bond ordinance to appropriate money for the Hudson Street parking deck.

The meeting will be streamed live using UTube.  This location is not equiped to  broadcast the meetings live on the cable stations.  The meetings will be filmed and available both on UTube and the Village Public Access Channel (Cablevision 77; Fios 37) the following day.

For the Work Sesion Agenda Click Here

For the Special Public Meeing Agenda Click Here

The Final Downtown Zoning Impacts Analysis that address  the four multifamily housing study areas is now available. For the complete document Click Here

Click Here for the Reexamination of the Master Plan and Development Regulations adopted by the Planning Board February 2, 2016.

3 thoughts on “The Village Council Meeting to Determine the Future Direction of Ridgewood

  1. Follow the money….there’s no other explanation….

  2. The current Council should allow the voters to decide the future of Ridgewood. As it stands, our current Council majority is poised to give Valley and the developers every single thing they’re asking for. There are 3 candidates running that favor more moderate and better planned development and 3 that will continue the current Council majority’s siding with the development special interest groups. If voters put the 3 moderates in office, then the projects should all be put on hold and re-evaluated. If the voters side with builders then let them build. Let’s hope that the current Council majority sees it this way though I think that’s a long shot.

  3. Aronsohn has been working toward tonight for eight years. All 25,000 residents, including infants, could protest tonight and he would hold his ground. He needs the financial support of construction unions statewide for his bid for higher office. As a lifelong Democrat I would have a very big problem in any such election because I have always considered staying home on election day to be cowardly and unpatriotic. But it might happen.

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