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The war on Betsy DeVos is all about the teachers unions

Ridgewood Teachers

By Post Editorial Board

February 5, 2017 | 3:32am

Get past all the noise, and the opposition to Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s pick for the Education Department, is all about the teachers unions — which consider it their right to have a friendly face running federal policy even in Republican administrations.

Yes, two Senate Republicans have come out against DeVos — the only two who routinely get A’s on the National Education Association’s “report card” because they vote the union line. Efforts to find another GOP vote against her will almost surely fail, because the other 50 Republicans aren’t in unions’ pocket, and Vice President Mike Pence can deliver a 51st vote if needed.

14 thoughts on “The war on Betsy DeVos is all about the teachers unions

  1. She is no longer the nominee.
    This afternoon she became the Secretary of Education.
    51 is more than 50. Thank You Harry Reid.

  2. Wake up call for public education teachers and administrators.
    Some do a good job but the union protects those who are failing the children.
    The people will now have the power to vote with their feet.
    Underperforming districts will get what they deserve.
    Go Trump Go!

  3. I am not a teacher or a union member. I think that she is woefully unqualified for the position.

    There must be hundreds of people who are more prepared for the job.

  4. DeVos is going to help Trump Drain the swamp. She knows where the bodies are buried and where to place the charges to blow up the bridge. It’s a metaphor-a-palooza!

  5. There are smarter more qualified people out there to do the job right, and instead Mr. Trump has given the job to a pay to play candidate.

    1. lol hey it worked for Obama

  6. I do not have a clear opinion on her. I hear a lot of negative comments all over the place. Whether they are genuine concerns or just noise I cannot distinguish. As a parent of 2 kids I am concerned about changes that may be coming to our public schools. Can someone mention possible positives or negatives for our schools? Thanks.

    1. School choice and no more common core

  7. Public schools will be compelled to improve due to competitive pressure. Ideological indoctrination will fall away from the top of progressive liberal school administrators’ “to do” list as the reality of local parents’ increasingly strident demands for substantive curricular improvements starts to set in. Elimination of Last In First Out union seniority rules could come soon. Changes in the tenure rules could lead to the loosening of restrictions on firing notoriously bad teachers. If Trump and Pence combine for sixteen years in the White House, public employee unions will likely end up with FAR less power to dictate terms during contact negotoations with municipal and state government employers. Taxpayers will rule the roost for the first time in generations. Thank heavens Hillary sc***ed the pooch last fall and proved so vulnerable to Trump’s political attacks.

  8. Thank you. Now this school choice thing does it mean that kids from other towns can ask to get into our schools? If yes then it would be a really bad thing, no?

    1. first of all, your property taxes are already paying for kids to go to school in other towns ,ie the Aboott Schools are the worst example. Ridgewood has an equilibrium students too faculty too physical plant ie space .
      The BOE may find that the max amount of students are 5400 kids for the district, if the Village has 5200 kids enrolled we may be able to use the open seats and attract (the state aid, your property tax dollars)the childern we select to attend our district from other towns, similar to the way we accept special ed students now.

  9. School choice is the ability to decline to send one’s child to an underperforming school. Options for how to educate the child of a parent who has opted out of an underperforming local public school will certainly exist but are not set in stone. To the extent a considerable fraction of the parents of children in a given neighborhood use the blessing of school choice to opt out of that neighborhood’s school, huge pressure will be brought to bear to force positive change in that school or close it and replace it. This is what competition looks like in public education. Over time it will result in the elevation of educational standards and rising student performance. We have nothing to fear 12:59pm, even though that seems to be what you are doing (sowing fear/trolling).

  10. “thus school choice thing”….

    You have got to be kidding us, 12:59pm. Do you usually get away with this kind of condescension?

  11. 2.35 and 2.37. I was asking a sincere question. Thanks for taking time to respond but I don’t appreciate the sarcasm. No need for that.

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